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"don't worry dear, I'm not here to interrogate you, Her father is worried sick is all. You know, for such a hard man, it's comforting to see he has a soft side."

"So, this boyfriend of hers? Her Father never mentioned him, would you be able to direct me to him? And, unless you can think of any other helpful information, then I'll be on my way I've stressed you unduly enough as it is."

"I'm sorry for snapping at you, it's just, she's lost and you seemed to not care at all, engrossed in your art. I'll be more courteous from now on miss. Can you think of anything at all, even a remote detail, that may help us find your friend?" I'm visually much more sympathetic and worried now.

"are you saying that you let your friend go off with a strange man without even finding out where she was going? She's your friend damn it! that's something your supposed to do."


"Well I'm sorry to bother you miss, Blood's daughter is missing and I just want to know if you can help me by telling me where you last seen her and what she was doing? He told me you were a good friend of hers, is all."

And heeding the words of the Bavarian that she might be being difficult I steel myself in preparation for what exactly he means whilst walking upstairs.

When I reach the top I call back "oh which door to knock on fella?" Then having his response I walk to the bedroom door and knock purposefully, say "miss, I need to talk to you about something"  and then await a response from the other side.

"Aha, sorry to have bothered you there fella, I was told a Miss Hefner lived here. Can you get her for me?"

I await his response with a certain sharp look of it not being a request, hoping that it would give an air of me being somebody in authority.

I have made apologies to Colonel Blood for my compatriots leaving him so abruptly, explaining it is to be expected of them.

 And I caught up with them a bit ago but have been idly listening to gleam information.
 I butt into the conversation "Well, I would tend to agree with Collin here, it makes far more sense to not frighten these ladies..." I pause to think for a moment before continuing "...So shall we split into pairs then and question these ladies?  I'd suggest you handle Cormac [Pointing at Collin] he seems to be more fragile than usual."

I have been entirely pre-occupied with tea and biscuits ever since hearing of the possible routes of questioning, I suddenly get back into my sense, stand up and say "where in hells name did they go?" before remembering my manners, pulling myself together and then following with "erm...Colonel."

(in character way of saying, oops I've not replied for a bit and am now apparently sat there awkwardly with Colonel Blood as everyone else wanders off.)

I until this point have been pacing idly in the background, taking in the reactions and observations and trying to think back to what I suspected from the letter and my past studies of written histories.

I take the opportunity to get myself a cup of tea and bring the tea and the tray of biscuits back to the nearest free seat, one can never have enough biscuits.

"Calm down please, Colonel, nobody is daring to accuse you, we are merely asking if you have anyone at all, even a friend, that you suspect could have reason."

"Oh begorrah, now I recognise you! it's been a while, Collin.  Also what in hell is wrong with you Cormac, she was a human being, have some damned humanity!" I say, getting a little flustered

"So... anyone gonna actually knock on the door? or is it too nice out in this lovely weather?" I say, with a slight sarcastic lilt to the weather comment. 

"Yeah, terrible business that, your face looks familiar, did I meet you at some time in my travels?" I say to the priest.

(I can't think of how to respond to Colin cause don't know the result of the reveal.)

"Well, that man of the church over there looks like he's coming our way, maybe he's something to do with us" I say, pointing in the direction of the priest "and there's a creepy looking guy over there" pointing at the creepy guy

"Oh, you know, same old shite, as for the others..." I look around idly "Well, I think only them and the man upstairs knows where they are"

"so this Blood guy, seems pretty ominous eh? Guess you got the letter too?"

(I'm looking around to spot if there are any of the others around)

I began walking to the door and then recognise a very old friend that I've been helping find his feet, I welcome him with a warm smile and a wave then say "how are you, you daft bastard?"

General Chaos / Re: Introduction
« on: June 23, 2014, 03:52:40 PM »
I've been brought along by Mr Oisin to play the play by post with fellows (hi Hams et Laura and Darth and Matt and Rob).

I've also not been playing on a forum for a while and loathe this captcha system.

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