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Rogue Trader is my choice.  It's the most sandbox-like of the 40k tiers, and who doesn't want to sail fly the seven seas depths of space looking for treasure?  Plus there's lots of Cosmic Horror that the RPPR crew loves so much.

Iron Heroes is #2.  I would imagine it'd be Conan like, rather than the high fantasy of the new world.  Depending on the world, it may be to close to Dark Sun though.

#3 is post-apocalyptic.  Not a huge fan of GURPS, but I don't think any system has ever gotten in your way of a good time/story.  If you can roll with Paladium, you can do anything (ignoring broken/horrid stuff like FATAL, Synnibarr, and such).

As an aside, you play dread as part of your one-shot repertoire.

RPGs / Re: Eclipse Phase
« on: September 28, 2011, 08:42:10 PM »
"anesthesia AI"? What's that? Wouldn't it be a nanovirus or narcoalgorithim, not an AI?

Where's the habitat located?

I need to read over the narcoalgorithm stuff, but the idea is that the ego is completely surpressed.  I went with AI because it is essentially resleeving over the existing ego.  When deactivated the AI will remove itself and restore the ego, so the ego simply experiences missing time.

Also, this test is long term use.  The AI maintains the morph (eats, sleeps, bio breaks).  The end goal is to be able to upload it to a mesh, then the Corp operatives can just walk in without worry.

As for the habitat, I'm planning on a near-Saturn artist commune.  A benefactor has set up an old freighter for his hand selected artists to work in peace.  Population in the 30's at max, and pretty insular, so no one notices they've gone dark until firewall steps in.

If ego suppression is a problem: TITAN Tech

RPGs / Re: Eclipse Phase
« on: September 28, 2011, 06:12:01 PM »
Looking forward to the AP's of the Eclipse Phase campaign.  I've gotten inspired by the past APs to host a game at a tiny convention in Birmingham, AL (no, RPGs aren't illegal here).

Here's the current plot:
The Characters are contacted by Firewall to investigate a habitat, that has stopped communicating with the outside world.  When they go to investigate, they discover that everyone seems to be under some form of daze.  No hostilities are encountered, but everything is “dead”.  All the inhabitants seem to be sedated in some way, both physical Morphs, and Infomorphs.  The mesh seems to work normally, but is “dead” with no other Ego activity.  After investigating, they discover that a weaponized anesthesia AI was being tested on the unknowing colonists.  Hopefully they will reawaken all the colonists, who will react as if the entire habitat was in a coma.

After reporting this to Firewall, the characters are instructed to track down the source of the AI and get a copy to Firewall.  This a danger to transhumanity, and countermeasures need to be devised to prevent another attack.

After investigating, all roads point to <Evil Corporation X>’s research station on a Martian Asteroid.  At this point investigation turns into a heist as the Characters must get into the base, download a copy of the AI, and escape.  Well, at least get the copy to Firewall.

How does that sound? After listening (& reading) "Think Before Asking" I figured I'd also get into the Creative Commons spirit and type up a big fat adventure guide.  I'll post it once it's gotten to the alpha stage, but right now it's maybe 50% done.

RPGs / Re: Superhero RPG
« on: September 15, 2010, 12:20:05 PM »
I like the Wild Talents system, but I have no clue how to create a decent villain/foe.  I've only got the Essential Edition, if that matters.  Any suggestions on how to balance enemies/dice pool encounters? If I need to wing it, I need to look at the math behind stuff more so I know how stuff really interacts.

And I've wanted Mutant City Blues ever since I heard about it in an RPPR AP (Well, the gumshoe system).

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