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E3 2006 Adventure Summery
« on: March 11, 2009, 11:09:02 PM »
So this is my favorite home made One Shot.

Everyone started off with a character concept, I gave bonuses to each player in a certain area. To accomplish anything that required skill, players rolled a d20, Standard DCs were 5, 10 and 15. If they could convince me that their particular skill applied to that situation, I let them have it.

The stage is set in 2006, at the E3 convention in Las Vagas. Sega has hired on extra help, Elite ex-military with the goal to obtain information and prototypes pertaining to the Big Three.

((Game Mechanic)) There is a panic meter. If bodies are discovered, fights break out in public, security is called or patrons are given cause for alarm, the people attending will riot and the mission will be failed.

Ex-Soviet Scientists have been paid to help in the operation, and players are sent out on their first mission, to steal the fabled Xbox360 Handheld. The players mission is to sneak in, Take the prototype and bring it back so the soviets can reverse engineer it and create the Sega Re-Genesis.

The first mission takes the players to the rafters. they find a utility access to the catwalks above. This brings them into the Microsoft booth and they take the handheld in a Mission Impossible style grappling maneuver. Tom Cruse would be proud.

((Actual Gameplay Stuff))On being pulled up, an operative drops a Flash bang, which goes off. Some people around the booth start to panic and the meter rises, but since one of the players was in the utility closet still for some reason, he hit the main breaker off and on again, making it look like screwy equipment.

Upon returning to the base located in an underground room beneath a conference room, they are rewarded with bad news. They've been spotted and as such they won't be able to show their faces until the next day. The operatives are forced to dress up like Sega mascots in order to conceal their identity.

((Actual Gameplay Stuff)) One of the dudes chose Solid Snake, I allowed it because i couldn't think of any real sega franchises other than sonic. One dude chose Knuckles, and we had a sonic.

Shortly after changing, players are called to the booth where Nintendo cosplayers are attacking and causing a ruckus. The team encounters Donkey Kong, A midget Mario and Luigi and a full sized version of each.

((Game Mechanic)) The cos-play suits sounded dumb at first, but I allowed the Knuckles player to have an increased attack on punching attacks, the Sonic extra finess, and the snake I gave some other bonus.

((Actual Gameplay Stuff)) The highlight of this game was Knuckles sliding between DK's legs and uppercutting him in the balls. He rolled a natural 20 so I just gave it to him.

After running the rogue cos-players off, they receive a message that Sony's presentation is starting soon. Its their job to screw it up for them.


This was actually the end of the game. We used all the real maps for the thing kind of liberally.

Any thoughts/comments/questions/hate?

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Re: E3 2006 Adventure Summery
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2009, 12:47:31 AM »
Sounds like a fun thing to do at as one shot. Did you actually run it at an event in 2006 or was this something recent and you flashed back?


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Re: E3 2006 Adventure Summery
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2009, 01:05:32 AM »
It was right after E3, I noticed that a bunch of bad shit happened during the expo (I'd watched it on IGN and Gametrailers). A fight broke out and people tried to cover it up, Sony's presentation started a half hour late, things went well for Nintendo but things died out for everyone else. I thought a sabotage/spy game in that situation would be cool, especially when your worrying about a riot.

Something happened with rival gangs from microsoft and sony, I really dont remember much about it but they were concepts that never got fully fleshed out.

We did this at a local lan center in buffalo and it was my second or third time hosting a game.