Author Topic: They Fight Crime...  (Read 3306 times)

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They Fight Crime...
« on: October 25, 2011, 11:19:33 AM »
From the Delta Green e-mail list.

Randomly generates two individuals who fight crime. For example:

He's a world-famous albino paramedic for the 21st century. She's a foxy junkie advertising executive with only herself to blame. They fight crime!


He's a globe-trotting skateboarding matador haunted by an iconic dead American confidante She's a cold-hearted out-of-work schoolgirl from beyond the grave They fight crime!

Interesting way to create NPCs or plot hooks.
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Re: They Fight Crime...
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2011, 01:05:52 PM »
He's an ungodly dishevelled cowboy gone bad. She's a transdimensional communist femme fatale trying to make a difference in a man's world. They fight crime!

He's a scarfaced playboy vampire hunter on the edge. She's a plucky red-headed queen of the dead who don't take no shit from nobody. They fight crime!

He's an impetuous overambitious messiah in drag. She's a brilliant streetsmart bounty hunter prone to fits of savage, blood-crazed rage. They fight crime!
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