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So I'm teaching a freshman level research and writing class this summer. Because of the compressed schedule, I'm deciding to make it a bit more directive and giving them a topic for their first essay. I've decided that this topic is going to be "human dignity, trans/posthumanism, and the SXSW 'homeless hotspots' controversy." Because there are so many EP nerds on this forum, myself included although I've not had a chance to play as much of the game as I would like, I'm posting all of the non-scholarly readings on here and will attach (if it lets me) the two scholarly articles I'll make them read alongside the non-schol stuff.

On “Homeless Hotspots”

Official Webpage:

Webpage from BBH Labs:

Jenna Wortham – New York Times:

Michel Martin interview with Jenna Wortham and Jack Marshall – NPR:
•   Possibility of talking about using a radio interview / transcript.

Chenda Ngak – CBS News:

T.J. McCormack – Fox News:

Ian Paul – PC World:

Tim Carmody – Wired (Blog):

Mike Horvarth – Hardly Normal (Blog):
•   Horvarth in favor of the practice.
•   Posted also on Huffington Post under a different title:

Saya Weissman –
•   Interview with BBH head of innovation Saneel Radia.

On Transhumanism

Francis Fukuyama – “Transhumanism” (op-ed in Foreign Policy):

EDIT: I forgot to add this to the list.

Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights:
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