Author Topic: Know Remorse [Eclipse Phase:seeking 4 players]  (Read 21806 times)


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Know Remorse [Eclipse Phase:seeking 4 players]
« on: July 14, 2013, 08:46:22 PM »
Know Remorse: A one shot Eclipse Phase game set in the Know Evil continuity
System: Eclipse Phase
Players Wanted: 4 players, but I plan to run this a number of times
Posting Rate: I'll run this over Skype so post your contact details or send me a message
Special Rules: There are pregenerated characters so all you need is the basic rules and some understanding of the Eclipse Phase setting
 Advancement Rules: This is a one shot

Hi everybody, I'm looking for players to run through a one shot Eclipse phase game I wrote up after finishing listening to Know Evil. If you are interested in helping me turn this into something approaching a Con game then let me know. I've run it before so the goal is to work out all the kinks in it to make it as fun as possible