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Building a vampire
« on: September 03, 2013, 09:27:10 PM »
So let's noodle around with Night's Black Agents.

Let's noodle up a new vampire to challenge some agents. This is for the game I'd like to run, I suspect I will never get to run it.

I liked the parts in the book about draining heat and such, so running with that I now have a reverse vampire, which may not be as clever as I would like. They drink blood naturally but also slurp the heat out of people, animals and things, sunning themselves and slowly turning to stone if they lose heat.

The game idea I have is they're an outdated hedonistic anti-state conspiracy, looking back to the Greek city-states as a good time to play men like their own game of Civilization.

General Abilities: Aberrance 15, Hand-to-hand 10, Health 12, Weapons 13
Hit Threshold 4 (5 if distorted)
Alertness Modifier +2
Stealth Modifier +1 (shows up on IR)
Damage Modifier: +2
Armor 1
Free Powers: Drain, addictive bite, heat drain, Infravision, Field effects (cold) Regeneration (in sunlight), exceptional strength,
Other Powers: Distortion (mirage, 2-Aberrance) Invisibility (1-Aberrance but must remain still, the vampire absorbes light instead of reflecting it.) Mental Attacks, Vampiric Speed (1-Aberrance, wind drains heat),
Banes: Beheading, freezing
Desrtoy: behead or allow the vampire to freeze completely to stone and shatter the statue, the pieces must be under 2 kilos and may be scattered no less than five kilometers from the nearest piece or they may reform with heat.
Blocks: Running water (immersion drains 1 health/turn in heat, crossing may also if wide enough and unprotected)
Compulsions: Drink Blood, seek sunlight
Dreads: Cold, Church bells
Requirements: Must maintain heat or they will freeze into pale statues.