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Late-Night Gaming Recruitment
« on: June 03, 2014, 10:59:04 PM »
loose and casual GM trying to gather players for late weeknight games (starting around 1AM EST, Monday night/Tuesday morning, or that time through Thursday nights/Friday mornings)

been big on MaOCT, just have been trying to poke around into other games, and my usual group's schedule has been shaky. I've got a sizable list of what I can run, but just a few favorites...

Gobblin': a d12 homebrew I'm in the tail end of playtesting. Goblins are banished from the fantasy realm for their cowardice and idiocy, landing in post-apocalypse Earth... and loving all the free food and guns left over.

Macho Man Randy Savage Force: players are each a Macho Man Randy Savage. The president has been kidnapped by the mafia's mummies! The cops are powerless! The army is useless! Time to hire the toughest team of mercenary Macho Man Randy Savages to save the day, just for things to get even crazier as the plot thickens.

Apocalypse World: holy shit an actual system! Meant to be run pretty tongue-in-cheek and full of sarcastic grit, and with a cinematic tone of using players' relationships to start the game with getting a job offer to one or two characters, then a string of "I know a guy" leading to shorter sub-quests to gather the team and take on the big heist.

Cocklords: crude homebrew. simple, low-fantasy game ala Game of Thrones or LoTR, but with the recurring theme of every person, thing, and place possible is named as a straight-faced dick joke. Players are assorted knights, diplomats, scouts, etc. under one or more of the Cocklords, the four rulers of Domepeace and indirect heirs to the passed King Freud, primarily defending the realm from bandits and the wandering beasts of the southern Taintlands. Run totally PG, nothing but puns, groans, and giggles for all.

The League of Cheesy Movies: FATE. One-shot revolving around a super team-up of characters from or inspired by MST3K movies and their mythos to save the world by punching werewolves and such. Puma Man! Jet Jaguar! El Santos! Zap Rowsdower! Assemble!

replies welcome here or via email at
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