Author Topic: Redmarket. The ideas I get while listening to the actual plays.  (Read 121392 times)


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Re: Redmarket. The ideas I get while listening to the actual plays.
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It's make a funny service contract, here are some ubeasts:
Quachile the walker of sand was a cross-promotion with the National Park Service and can be be found in national parks across the Southwest.
 [Not too bad, mostly consuming rations and trying not to die of desert.]

Hobor was an Amtrak deal, it can be found in train stations.
[Most stations were used in the evacuation, many fell to infection with large populations trapped behind barricades.]

Chandrazar was a special limited time one at a nearby nerd convention, but with The Crash on nobody remembered to turn it off.
[Okay, this is just to make convention jokes and get the players to run around a hotel.]

Thoyhoohar is findable at the locations of Renaissance faires.
[Many such places turned into failed enclaves.]

Patrior appears at military bases.
[The ones not reclaimed by DHQS are either full of mines or raiders.]

Recoveron was a limited edition uBeast that cycled through several Mid-Western/West Coast children's burn wards.
[Self control checks as far as the eye can see in the dark hospital corridor.]
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