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Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: Looking for a specific Actual Play
« on: September 07, 2015, 11:24:32 PM »
It was Eclipse Phase Know Evil, but it wasn't the bank heist, it was the activity in Nectar. Should be episode 10.

Also: "Hold on. I didn't consider this." (First used, to my knowledge, when Aaron set fire to the orange grove in Bryson Springs.)

Shit, didn't this come up in a recently posted AP as well? When was that? This is killing me...

I never heard it explained, but sometimes someone will make a "Dun nun nununu" sound like in Duel of the Fates. I think it's supposed to be when people were doing epic combat manuevers.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

Related is making the Terminator 2 theme sound... CH-CHUN CHUN CH-CHUN

Well I'm leaving the Paypal page up for one week to catch any stragglers or people that can't use Kickstarter. So far I've gotten an extra $45 from it. I'll post the total amount once that ends.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone that backed this project. Once Amazon clears the money, I'll start sending out the download login details for the preview AP episodes. I plan to send out the ebook for the short story Pariah around December 10 or so.  It's 10k words in length and Ean Moody is doing cover art for it. Playtest is scheduled to go out sometime in February.

Hey Ross, when the kickstarter finished I got an email about how my transaction didn't go through - Amazon had the incorrect card info, blah blah - and I took corrective measures, getting the contribution sent through. Point here is, I just wanted to ask if the preview links had gone out yet because I'm an AP fiend, or if you're still handling shit.

Wow, I didn't know MONSTERS used the forum. You horrible monster.

Seriously though, I think the point intended by "A GM can't tell you how you feel" isn't that he can't tell you the feeling of a setting, but that he can't tell you what to think, what your opinion of it is. That becomes skewed when what he's telling you the result of a player's diplomacy - what you think about it IS how the speech makes you feel, typically.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: Hey guys
« on: April 25, 2012, 08:06:53 PM »
If I know my China, it's probably something being sold as an aphrodisiac.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: Hey guys
« on: April 25, 2012, 02:19:29 AM »
Update: there's a lot of people over here. Like, a LOT.

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This is profound shit

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: Bless you Aaron, Blaron.
« on: April 21, 2012, 09:28:50 PM »
I love how Aaron always manages to die or almost die horribly in the first half of any given horror game. It really builds up the atmosphere. No, seriously, without him how would the tension build? It's all player on player conflict if Aaron isn't talking to deer while shoeless and tumbling into streams.

Thad Fact: Thad is a very handsome man.

Oh yes, it's true, but it seemed strong from a narrative perspective. Thad was rendered useless, Chirop couldn't even be at the fight - Zero Shift pulled the most weight and he seemed to do little in most other fights. It was very comic bookish.


I was really hoping Shift would end up having to teleport behind the bodyguard and gib Paragon and himself at close range with the rocket... but his later suicide move was just as good.

Ghost Robot being shut down so easily was strange. In every other session he's been this unstoppable force held back only by his own anxieties about being a ghost robot - bullets do little, intangibility gets him out of almost any problem, but he couldn't do anything in this fight.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: Beware - I live.
« on: March 05, 2012, 02:38:13 AM »
Does this mean you're going to be in a AP?

I am going to run a game some time. Underdark campaign!

I may just be a renegade New World fan, but I can only hope it's Jon Claude von Swamp and a team of new PCs chasing down that God Damn Drow Rogue who lead the Thieves' Guild.

On a more serious note, if this is all true and recorded on RPPR, I hope you've gained some degree of appreciation of 4e rules in the interim. With third generation monster design, fights are not quite so long and slog-festy, and with the right GM handiwork they can even be fun.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: Beware - I live.
« on: February 25, 2012, 11:07:27 PM »
Does this mean you're going to be in a AP?

Ghost Robot for life. Please don't take me apart I don't know what'll happen to me if you do. No really I don't understand why I can do this *becomes a horrible intangible thing*

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