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RPGs / Lighthearted RPGs
« on: November 29, 2012, 12:49:24 PM »
So I was planning on trying my own take on Slenderman with an RPG (World of Darkness), but then I realized I've been doing too much horror/dark RPGs.  I think I should try something different.

But Lighthearted games seem more difficult to set up compared to Horror, Post-apoc, or Hack-n-slash.  With those other genres, the conflict is typically made through survival, gaining power, amassing fortune, and the occasional mystery.  While the players are likely to pass around lighthearted conversation outside the game, the in game content is rather serious.

What would be some good tips for running a lighthearted game; how do I keep a good mood without myself or the players going overboard on humor?

Also, while I could use Monsters and Other Childish Things, what other RPGs would help make things lighthearted?  I've thought about adapting the Part Time Gods powers from the Dynamic Game System for something akin to imagination magic or Homestuck element control.

RPGs / Establishing some rules for Slenderman and other monsters
« on: November 04, 2012, 05:02:17 PM »
I've been tossing around the idea of a World of Darkness game/campaign/chronicle/whateverfancyterm with Slenderman.  I'm planning on using it more as a narrative force than a big beastie.
The idea would be the characters encounter Slenderman or something related to it, and become marked by its 'hunt'.  This would then lead to the characters spending the rest of the sessions trying to delay their capture in some way.  They'd likely spend time gathering information, talking with 'survivors' and the hunted, thwarting whatever is related to Slenderman, and maybe some things on the side (this is the World of Darkness after all).

While the motivations and abilities of Slenderman are nebulous, I've decided to set down some rules.  This will allow the players to have an idea when they're in trouble or relatively safe.  This will also give me some ideas for scenarios.
I've already decided to place Slenderman as one of the True Fae, as I want to stick to roots of folklore some have given it.  This will also give the rules greater strength and reason.  As a True Fae, this means Slenderman is going to be weak to Cold Iron and ruled by some kind of vice.
EDIT: This will also give me the excuse to toss in some stuff from Changeling as a way for captured characters to return.

As for his other rules and qualities:
  • Slenderman capitalizes on the unreliability of human memory.
  • The iconic association with fire, water, and the woods.  Don't go in the woods!
  • "Slenderwalking" -- Observation makes it hold still, but doesn't stop it from using powers and arms.
  • Interference with recorded media and electronics.  Our technology counters Slenderman preying on unreliable memory.
  • Creating confusion and memory loss.
  • Symbols do act as wards, but lose effectiveness and can be overcome.

I'd like some additional ideas, mostly to explain how the characters can keep running and not get snatched up instantly.  Other interpretations of Slenderman would provide some good fuel as well; I could toss them in as red herrings.
And to open the topic up to things beyond Slenderman: what kind of rules have you created or encountered for the entities in your games?

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