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Caleb got me to design an RPG.

I spoke to Ross some time ago during which I confessed the above. During our talk I casually mentioned that it would be cool if there would be a thread on the RPPR forums where victims students of the Caleb & Ross school of Gamedesign could share their stuff and discuss the posted episodes.

So here it is. I suggest we use this to keep one another informed and to help each-other through this not yet officially diagnosed life crisis like an AA hugging circle (we don't do coins).

To kick this off here's my confession :

Being of sound mind and spirit, I'm a philosophy graduate student designing a Pen and Paper Role Playing Game. This thing is keeping me going through the trials and tribulations of my dissertation. My game will be having custom mechanics underneath the hood. My game does not have a set theme yet. My game doesn't even have a name yet.

But it will exist, damn it. Like Dr. Frankenstein I shall stitch together a monstrosity that might survive the pitchfork-and-torch armed mob of the Gaming Industry Customer or the witch trial of the Gaming Industry Professional, emerging as a beautiful thing. Or it might die a sad, unplayable death as a failed experiment behind cell-door bars.

Let's see if we can fill our dungeons with half breeds and failed experiments.

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