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I have some plot hook suggestions, but I am still working on full scenarios for the game. As of right now, I do not have anything written in a useable format. You are more than welcome to use the plot hooks, or run whatever you and your group would think is fun.

Hey guys. I've listened to RPPR for several years now, and recently I have been inspired to create my own game for hunting dinosaurs, called The Wilderness. It is currently about 32 pages and 10,000 words. I am looking for 2 to 3 groups to run a few games each and give me feedback on what I could improve on the system.

A Short History of the Wilderness
It was nearly fifty years ago that the Manning Incident occurred. In hours, a massive explosion and release of energy turned the entire Earth upside down. A huge pulse came from Europe, rippling stone in to giant waves around the continent. Massive tsunamis kicked up in the Atlantic Ocean, tearing towards North America.

Across the world, swamps and ancient forests began to materialize where there were fields and sweeping plains before. Out of this Wilderness came dinosaurs and other ancient wildlife. Soon, they began to attack the crippled cities. Millions died. With no other choice and no way to communicate over long distances, the survivors went in to hiding.

In the first few years, each small group fended for themselves against the new predators of the Wilderness as the world reached an equilibrium. Eventually, some began to find each other and resurrect old technology to protect themselves. In short time, fortified towns began to be built near the northern cost of North America. Factories began to run again, and soon fortified walls stood around them and cities grew up around them.

The situation has reached a temporary balance. Most people live in a protected city or town and rarely leave the walls. Most have never gone hunting and only rarely see dinosaurs. They travel in caravans or in guarded trains. They live their lives safely protected.

A few have opted for a more dangerous life: hunters. They protect cities, hunt dinosaurs, and make cross country trips. They do it for the money, the adventure, the call of the Wilderness. These hunters are few, but they defend the remains of humanity as we attempt to recover.

Who am I Looking For
I am looking for 2 or 3 groups of roleplayers. They can be experienced or new. The groups should be about 2 to 5 players and a GM. They should be able to play a few sessions in the next few weeks. Besides an interest in the game and enough people to play the game, there is no restriction on who can playtest.

What Will They Do
Each group should have one person PM me, and I will get them the rules and character sheets. After the group has played a few sessions, I would like to have some written feedback from both players and the GM. It doesn't have to be long, as long as it is clear. (If you can record the sessions, that would be great, but is not required.)

The feedback I am looking for is mostly on how the system plays and the what details need to be explained better about the world. I have already run a couple of times with friends, so I am looking for how others experience it.

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