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RPGs / Monsters and Other Childish Things Game
« on: November 28, 2011, 08:56:15 PM »
I have started up a monsters and other childish things game.  Character Creation is this weekend and I was wondering what to watch for as far as powergaming.  Some of my player are point-whoring power gamers. What breaks a game of monsters and are there any house rules that might help stem the flow?

As a note I'm only using the core MaOCT book and not bigger bads.

General Chaos / Name that movie....
« on: November 19, 2011, 01:46:14 PM »
I've been looking for an 80's movie for awhile but I can't seem to find the name anywhere.  It is an 80s buddy cop horror movie.

 It starts off with a bankrobbery and the cops take the guys down.  Then they find out that the robbers have been dead for a few days before they were torn to shreds by the cops.  The climax of the movie happens in a slaughterhouse where the reanimation machine starts reanimating eveything including a bull.  Any ideas?

RPGs / Re: Playtesting a CoC game over Skype soon
« on: November 13, 2011, 07:16:37 PM »
Can't do that time on that day.  I'll be in the middle of my hour commute home from college.

RPGs / Re: Roleplaying over Skype...
« on: November 08, 2011, 06:21:37 PM »
I'm listening to the drunk and ugly podcast and I've got to say that it is pretty cool.  You have a good group there. Do you guys use video during your games or do you just do the games as a conference call?

RPGs / Re: Playtesting a CoC game over Skype soon
« on: November 08, 2011, 06:17:40 PM »
I've only played CoC twice.  The first game was fun and all, but we just torched the haunted house after one encounter (best character-dynamite weilding drunken reverend).  The second was a game that started well but ended poorly.  We were all invited to a party and then we switched bodies.  That made pretty much everyone in the room pissed.  Two seconds of shock and then a near TPK when the words "I want my guns back" came up. I'd be willing to play depending on time and day.   

RPGs / Re: Roleplaying over Skype...
« on: November 07, 2011, 07:01:29 PM »
A full month?   :o
Are there any faster ways to go about this?  There is no board for GMs looking specifically for Google Plus and skype games?

RPGs / Roleplaying over Skype...
« on: November 07, 2011, 05:27:17 PM »
     I'm considering moving the online game that I play over from google plus to skype. Before I use it to run a game I want to test drive it by playing in a game. I've googled it up and have yet to find a site that has has skype games.  Where can I find a skype game to learn the ropes of both playing and running a game? 

RPGs / Re: Google Plus
« on: October 04, 2011, 11:00:35 PM »
Me dumb sometimes. Anywhoo decided to try out

Will see how well all work together

RPGs / Re: Google Plus
« on: September 26, 2011, 07:02:37 PM »
     The main reason that I wish to use this is the Google Plus Hangout feature.  The video is crisp and the audio is also good.  Also, haven't had a drop yet. The only thing negative I can say so far is that there is no integrated dice roller like skype. 

     Other than that it has not thus let me down, but at this point, I have yet to actually run a game using this.  I am thinking of using the other google services to better enjoy it.  It already has a chat window (DEAR GOD WHY can I not roll dice with it?), but I feel that using Google docs on the side would be useful. This allows me to basically set up a private message board for each player (this may not work out because it will lead to a note passing war) and create a main game forum (mostly used for NPC pictures and other visual things, including but not limited to flagging a map for use with google maps to let the players zoom in and out of real world places).

     Anyways lots of potential.  My friends and I are digging it.  Any suggestions that are not "move to skype" when it comes to the die roller?   

RPGs / Google Plus
« on: September 24, 2011, 11:28:56 PM »
My gaming group has been scattered to the four corners of the earth once again.  Anyways, long story short, I still want to play with my friends.  I see this as a good way to get everyone together to play some rpgs even if it is not together at the same geographically located gaming table.  Anyone have experience with this? Any suggestions?

RPGs / Re: Running a Cosmic Level WUSHU game Need NPC ideas
« on: August 24, 2011, 07:13:25 PM »
So far not bad.  Gotta love the raptors.  Also, already did an evil lincoln.  4 scores and seven years ago almost a TPK.  Ah, Deadlands... As far as immortals go pretty good.  Timecops as bad as the movie...check. Also Dr. Zaius awesome. Hugh Bliss also pretty good. What else you guys got?

RPGs / Running a Cosmic Level WUSHU game Need NPC ideas
« on: August 23, 2011, 07:43:04 PM »
With this game i'm pulling out all the stops.  I told the players they could play whatever they want.  The setting is a city in the center of the universe where all time and space meets.  Naturally my players jumped at the chance to allow their imagination to become unfettered.  This leaves me with a sandbox city that needs to be filled.

Describe the most abusive, over-the-top NPCs to throw at them and give me a motivation for them. 

RPGs / Re: Roleplaying with consequences.
« on: August 02, 2011, 09:29:26 PM »
    Dump all these ideas together.  Give them an enemy in the justice system that happens to be a cultist that is called in when there are disruptions in "buisness." He or she finds their handler and waves a bunch of money under his or her nose.  This allows you to give the players multiple instances of odd things that will let them know they are wanted men.  Have nondescript black cars follow them to the handler.  Its odd and they can loose them but this tips them off that something is about to happen.  Have the handler acting a bit more fidgety than normal. 
     If they ask why he or she tells them that he's under a lot of stres.  If they beat the shit out of him good.  Have a unending flow of cops run into the meeting place.  If they don't even better.  Have him send them to a place where they are obviously set up.  Have snipers take out their car, swat teams rush them (use tear gas and flash bangs to let them know that not everything has to be lethal to be threatening).  one very short fight later the PCs find themselves being interrogated.  Finally have your cultist NPC show up as they sit in lockup.
     He sends everyone away and then tells them that he needs something and has pulled a lot of strings to bring them there.  Now the PCs know that the cops are not to be messed with and will be a little more cautious.  They also know that they can work with the cops.  Have him send them against someone that they have either worked with or a enemy cult.  Give them the choice given the file cabinet of evidence against them: Do this for me or dangle on the noose or ride the lightning.  The NPC has a new group of people to work for his cult, the PC's plenty to investigate, and the GM atleast a reasoning for the cops not destroying the PC.
     This also gives you the chance to double screw the PCs by having the mission be suicide and drop a time limit to them to add some tension.  If you don't have this done by the end of the month all this makes its way into official police records.  If they don't do the mission they have to find a way to stop NPC cop.  If they do they are pretty much enslaved by NPC.  If they do nothing they are wanted men.  If they break the law while on the mission they have no get out of jail free card.  this makes the tension shoot up by about a thousand.         

RPGs / Re: Cthulhu with lots of Combat
« on: July 26, 2011, 08:01:56 PM »
Before you start up your next game explain to your players the themes in a CoC game.  This will smooth things over a bit when their characters die.  By explaining the overarching themes you can avoid many problems.  Every player sitting down at the table has to be on the same page about the game or it falls apart.

This is kinda like if you had players make characters for a Scooby Doo type RPG without explaining the themes you were going for.  There is no doubt that when they met the monster they would pull out machine guns and splatter him all over the walls only to find that it was Poor Old Man Whithers.  I don't think that the GM would want a shootout with the cops and the eventual execution of the Scooby Gang for the Whithers Massacre, but hey some people do hate Scooby Doo.
Anyways, if your players want more combat check out CthulhuTech. You still get the mythos but you also get giant robot combat.  Not my favorite flavor of Cthulhu, but might make your party a little less angry when they end up in a TPK.

RPGs / Re: What will my players find in a Green Box?
« on: July 21, 2011, 05:11:24 PM »
A Giant Key
A Minature Sun
A monkey paw with one finger extended
A box of life Cereal with Mikey on the Box
A giant Sword
A picture of Jimmy Hoffa
The Shroud of Turin
A Crystal Skull
A black duffle bag
A Giant Egg
Waffle Mix
Secret files so secret that they cease to exist when looked at
An Orphan Annie decoder ring
A cowboy Hat with a bullet hole in it and the name lucky on the inside
A Persian Rug
A box of kittens
A Wedding Cake
A potted plant made of meat
Doritos that are a mystery flavor (probably poison)
Curdled milk
and The Constitution

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