Author Topic: IS the subject of virtual tabletop GMing covered in any episode of the podcast?  (Read 10804 times)


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Hi all,

Have just started listening to the podcast and really enjoy it a lot so far. It has specially been helpful in getting sound advice on running a horror game.

Since I have gotten back into pen and paper game play, I've only been able to do so online using virtual tabletops (Currently running Basic Fantasy RPG games on Roll20). And it has been a bit of a challenge as game mastering from across a screen, to random internet people, has largely been a mixed bag. Recruitment of players I click with has specifically been a big challenge, also keeping the ambiance needed for horror role play on a VTT. Anyone recall an episode of the podcast touching on these issues, specifically in regard to running games on a VTT?


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Ross and Tom talked about it some in Episode 115:

But it hasn't been a big topic, since RPPR is mostly about in-person gaming.

Our podcast, Technical Difficulties, is all online. We've had good luck simply playing over Google Hangouts, and sharing any files/character sheets/handouts through Dropbox or Google Drive. We try to keep our tech setup as simple as possible, since (as our name implies) we don't always have the most reliable equipment.

Personally, I've also had a little bit of experience playing on Roll20. I didn't much like it. The interface was too clunky and hard to manage for my tastes. I didn't feel that it added sufficient value to make up for the hassle of wrangling with it.

As for your specific issues, maintaining tone and finding players:

Tone is very hard to maintain online, since you can't control anyone's sources of distraction (and I personally admit that I get easily distracted when I'm playing instead of running an online game). My biggest piece of advice is to keep your group VERY small - like 3 players maximum, and make sure that no one ever has a long stretch with no actions or decisions to make. Keep the game constantly moving forward, and make sure to specifically call on each player when you want them to do something.

For finding players: my only suggestion is to stop trying to find randos through Roll20 or whatever, and look for people in places where you can share interests a little bit and get a read on personalities first. Like in this forum! The whole Tech Diff crew met here on the RPPR forums. Give yourself some time, and be patient.

You might also find some better advice over on the Drunk and Ugly podcast's forums, since they're an online gaming podcast.
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