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I posted this over on the Facebook group, but I should post here too:

Reading reputation rules, I want to create a variant where Rep spots decay after a while. People have short memories after all. I'm thinking each spot, + or -, would have a set number of uses, sessions, or contracts they'd be valid for. I'm thinking maybe a Sensitivity check for the Takers to know how many they get, otherwise the Market rolls in secret. Imagine the negotiator's consternation trying to use a spot and it not working because they didn't know no one cared about it any more. Downside I see is creating more bookkeeping for the Market.

RPGs / Re: Red Market Con Game/Guide?
« on: July 10, 2016, 12:04:17 PM »
- A four-page User Intro Guide for players (can be laminated)
     - 1 page of setting background/terminology
     - 2 page guide to core terms and character sheet
     - 1 page of lookup/FAQ/how-to reference player guide
 - 4-6 Pre-gens (possibly the ones already created or maybe we tweak/create new ones for the scenario)
 - An intro scenario that introduces the players to the very important game aspects of:
     - [TBD--this is what we discuss]
 - Player mat

You also need a premade enclave for the Takers to work out of. Preferably you'd want two or three jobs for the players to research and decide between. I'd say you want to introduce folks to researching jobs, negotiations, scams, legs, and casualty combat.

RPGs / Re: Where to find building blueprints for games.
« on: July 07, 2016, 05:34:50 PM »
If you want a particular type of architectural style (like say a brownstone), you can also try searching for the style name and 'blue prints' - I found a few historical examples this way.

Because all latent/immune characters need one, here are my stats for weaponised chainsaw: 

Upkeep 3
Charges ooooo ooooo
Effect: Kill damage

Charged: Charges can be spent in addition to buy-a-roll to aid check
Cumbersome: Canít be quick drawn
Hungry: two Charges must be spent for every one used
Manpower: spend rations to buy-a-roll
Messy: Any sucksessfull use agains Vector/Casualty causes anyone in melee range to have to make infection checks
Requires prep:  Takes one action to start before it can be used.
Specialized: (Melee: Chain-Saw)
Tool: Charges can be used to aid some scavenge and mechanic checks at Markets discretion
Potent: add +1 Kill damage

Hybrid: Buys of Hungry.
Upgraded motor: charges may be spent after the check for additional damage

I get what you're going for with having both charged and manpower (it's unwieldy so you have to wrestle with it in addition to spending gas for the saws to spin) but mechanically speaking they do the same thing. Otherwise I think I need to steal this for my next game/campaign.

Because some people have an athleticism score of YES

RPGs / Re: What should I run this in?
« on: June 08, 2016, 08:47:18 PM »
Red Markets

General Chaos / Re: What Vidja games are you playing?
« on: June 02, 2016, 06:32:18 PM »
Just installed 'The Little Ones' DLC for This War of Mine, so that's going back on the playlist for a while.

Sometimes it just doesn't occur to the player to screw over their fellow players.

As to Synthenia, the money was to keep the price of the stability drugs down to affordable levels in their own enclave, thus keeping their home base from having instability problems.

As to the Ivory Plains folks, well I can only speak from my experiences, but as my levels of hostility seemed to match the Brutalists, maybe it'll be instructive. There is something incredibly of putting about the hypocrisy of rich self-righteous jerks who claim membership in Christianity (a religion which preaches compassion for the poor, humility, and doing good deeds) justifying their their distain for the poor through prosperity heresy and using folks being poor as evidence that they are insufficiently Christian to be worthy of assistance. In addition, there was a strong 'conform and accept our believes or you're not people' vibe I was getting from Ivory Plains. Well, maybe specifically Pastor Tomlinsinburg. Which for me as someone who does not naturally conform to mainline norms in a variety of areas is flat out terrifying. Or would be if I wasn't so used to it as a day-to-day reality. It's like Caleb's roofer analogy: at some point it just becomes your baseline.

From episode 9 of The Brutalists:

"Pay for TacNet! I am OWED! I am owed so much!"

@RadioactiveBeer If you ever want to run a UK based Red Markets game over Skype/GoogleHangouts/The Internets, I'd love to play - that is an amazing amount of thoughtful background. I'll figure out the time difference for that.

Looks good to me @Greywalker. Added to my wishlist

From the ongoing collection on anecdotes over at Table Titans:
The players were students at an isolated rural girl's school, where the teachers were Cultists of the Elder Gods (of course).

The final session took place on the top of a storm-swept mountain at midnight, where the grand summoning ritual to raise one of the Dark Children of Shub-Niggurath was taking place.

With no time to waste, the players found the groundskeeper's old VW bus and managed to drive it up the steep gravel road to the ritual site.

As they approached, they killed the lights, and slowly inched the bus toward the chanting Cultists. I had them make a stealth roll, but then I decided the chanting and the thunderstorm cancelled out the penalty for being in a motor vehicle. Their roll was excellent.

They managed to get right up to the edge of the ritual circle, where the teachers had all gathered. In the center of their circle the Headmaster was preparing to sacrifice the students captured earlier.

The player driving the bus announced he planned to attack.

When I asked him what with, he replied, "The bus."

So, with the wheezy "Henk, henk!" of the old bus's horn as a battlecry, the party began to do donuts through the ritual circle, running over Cultists and shooting a captured shotgun out the window.

And that's the story of how "Henk, henk!" became the sound a sneak attack makes.


I'm interested in True Dungeon; I'd prefer afternoon slots, but am open to any day, any time

So, the first aspect I wanted to grapple with was what the UK's Missippi is. That is, the dividing line that would split the Loss from the Recession.

Forgive this tea-swilling colonist rebel, but my immediate thought on reading those two lines was 'Hadrian's Wall'. I know, not a real fortification any more, but there might be something interesting in there.

Punch line: full scale pitched battle between DG and Chicago militerised poilice turned sorcerers

So much for op sec there Bartleby!  ;D

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