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Play by Post / Re: Mouse Guard
« on: July 25, 2009, 02:54:00 AM »
I own the Burning Wheel Rulebook, Character Burner, and Magic Burner books, but i haven't a clue as to how to properly play it.  Ive asked a few times for Ross to run a game of it but odds are i wont hear it until the other AP's have come out.  I'd love to play it but the rules are still a tad too complex for me to get through w/o some sort of guidance or an AP of it from someone.

But yeah I'm in.

I cant seem to get anything from RtN, via itunes or an rss feed of some sort.  nor can I access any downloads from their page.  Any ideas?

The lowest score for RtN is 4 stars on itunes.  I think ill subscribe and give it a listen.

Yaaa...pretty much.

Ive been listening to FtB for awhile.  It occurred to me awhile ago that they don't say anything useful or even helpful.

RPGs / Re: A Study in the Logic of Gaming
« on: July 07, 2009, 03:12:29 AM »


RPGs / Re: DM Help
« on: July 07, 2009, 03:10:41 AM »
For fun after they come back, 'forget' to mention that at night they take on the forms of their dead rotting bodies and during the day they are their normal healthy selves.

Might make for a few good encounters with people and the like.


I am going to post a new ransom in the next few days - I will create a password locked directory and upload 5 APs and give the password to contributors of the ransom

Will those only be available to people who payed?  Or will they get to listen to them earlier than everyone else?  Cause one of the only reasons I listen to RPPR is for the info on games and 4E AP's, and I dont know if Im wanting to pay for those quite yet.

RPGs / Re: pee pee doo doo 4E is a bad game
« on: July 05, 2009, 12:46:40 AM »
I think on the D&D podcast they made an offhand comment that 4E is in fact played in Greyhawk, if I heard them right and they were not talking about 3.x edition.

Play by Post / Re: Eberron without d20s
« on: June 29, 2009, 03:32:26 PM »
Ooooooo, well Im up for it.

Play by Post / Re: Eberron without d20s
« on: June 29, 2009, 03:42:30 AM »
Well, i just picked up the players guide for 4E a day or two ago.  But if my lack of experience and general knowledge of the setting is forgiven I'd like to try a Pbp of it.

RPGs / Re: pee pee doo doo 4E is a bad game
« on: June 25, 2009, 11:11:41 PM »
4E is the whole reason I started D&D.  I tried some years ago but the rules were too complex for my wee mind.

Plus I got a good deal on Amazon for the 3 core books.  =P

General Chaos / Re: I can't help myself... I gotta brag a little bit
« on: June 17, 2009, 02:55:07 PM »
too late im dead X_X

nah j/k i ate a western bacon burger from hardees it was p good

It may have been good but I think it did something to your brains, like remove your capitals and periods.


Granted I'm not one who should give anybody crap about their grammar...


How many nested quotes can we get in one thread?


Made myself some burgers tonight. Lovely pucks with cheese. My favorite kind. Did use a new sauce. Normally I go with mayo and ketchup but I was out of ketchup so I mixed mayo with tomato garlic pasta sauce. Lovely new tastes.

sounds pretty damn good. I was watching a cooking show and they made stuffed burgers they made a bottom patty and filled it with blue cheese, oinons and i think bacon strips pre cooked, random spices and then made another thin patty put it ontop of the bottom patty with all the junk in it and primped the edges like a pie crust, looked realy good in the end i wanna try that out!

another fun grill item is take a whole chicken drink half a can of beer and put it in the bottom of the chicken put paprika, salt and pepper in a bowl mixed all up lots of paprika and rub the whole chicken down with the seasoning anything left over put in the bottom whole of the chicken. then you make the chicken sit on the can put its leggs forward and the can back so its litterly sitting on the can or you can buy a stand and use that. but i like jusy the can. cook it ftell the bredst meat reaches a nice done temp i think 140 or 160. should say on your thermomiter, or about 45 min to an hour. turns out great!
Mmmmm... Beer-can Chicken sounds damn good.
Hasenpfeffer is equally delicious.

You gotta mince up some Jalapenos and mix in some cayenne and hot sauce in that patty, bro. Serve with pepperjack.

Did you have anything on the side?  Some chips or a salad?

RPGs / Re: RPGs that MUST be made
« on: June 08, 2009, 02:24:16 AM »
Ya know, I think an Avatar rpg would be pretty neat.  Just made for more mature players and not kids.

Come up with some kick ass elemental powers and what now

RPGs / Re: RPGs that MUST be made
« on: June 07, 2009, 02:56:37 AM »
"Real Life" the Role Play game

    Fun for the whole family

      Role play as a Business man pushing papers at the office

        Play as a housewife cleaning up after those silly children

         Or how about playing a construction worker taking a nap during his lunch break

           The possibilities are endless!

RPGs / Re: WoW the card game raiding and other card based RPGs
« on: June 05, 2009, 04:40:06 PM »
I've played this card game.  I have several decks of heroes.  And I stopped wasting my money on it cause it's a bad card game system, the Horde cards are better because more of them can attack once played, and the Warlock hero is pretty much the winner if you have the Infernal card.

It was ok fun at first, now its eh.

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