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Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / The forums are closed!
« on: November 08, 2019, 02:05:27 AM »
I am setting every forum to read only and closing all registration. Spambots are eating up system resources so I gotta shut that down.

Thanks to everyone who was a member of this forum. I hang out on the RPPR and Mixed Six Discords now (join the patreons to get the Discord invite) and on Twitter @rosspayton.

I am not deleting the forums so their archives can remain here forever.

And for the record: BUY MY BOOKS


I am submitting RPPR to the Ennies this year and one of the questions they asked was what song should play if you receive an award:

If one or more of our submitted products receives an ENnie, the title of the song to be played at the ceremony is _____ by _____ artist from time _____. An MP3 of the song must be sent separately to

Last time, I had the theme song of The Room play. This year I torn between vaporwave, a song from birdemic, One Punch Man song and others. HELP ME DECIDE

Feel free to make other suggestions. I will add them to the poll if I think they work.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / RPPR Patreon Discussion Thread
« on: February 26, 2016, 03:46:27 PM »
We're on Patreon!

We also have a companion site here - it indexes all of the content available to Patreon backers and links to it, so you don't have to scroll through hundreds of posts on Patreon.

This thread is about discussing the Patreon - what you like, what questions you have about it, and things of that nature.

If you're a $10 backer or above and you have NOT received a postcard, please contact me on the Patreon so I can mail you one.

For non-backers what is keeping from you backing? Just financial reasons? Does the site not accept the payment form you prefer to use? Something else?

For backers, what do you want to see more of? Less of?

So Caleb is having me run Red Markets. Here's a brief write up of the enclave we generated.

Enclave Name: Trabajo
Location: Train yard in Greeley Colorado adjacent to a meat processing facility.

Defenses: Boxcar barricades surround the enclave. A  weaponized slaughter house continually thins the horde around the enclave by luring in groups for destruction. The slaughter house is funded by the bounty and grimecloth it reclaims from the casualties. Trabajo still maintains one train, which goes on seasonal trading missions with other enclaves. The train’s movement and loud whistle draws many undead away from Trabajo, keeping their numbers in check.

History: Trabajo was founded by Hispanic meat processing workers, who flocked to their job site in the first hours of the Crash, as it was the most defendable site that would allow them in. The workers did not trust the authorities or local community to open their doors to them. Some Catholic priests and nuns went with their congregation. The train yard was emptied out of its local staff, whisked away to more strategic rail sites by the government. The workers fortified the site as best they could, using their tools of trade to fight off the undead.  However, they realized they would need to use the trains to protect the site. A team of workers and a nun recruited local trainspotting hobbyists from nearby enclaves, promising them bounty and a high position in Trabajo. A particularly cantankerous hobbyist who insisted on referring to himself as The Conductor saved the enclave by neatly arranging spare boxcars into barricades, even derailing a few without damaging the tracks or other trains. With its perimeter secured, Trabajo became a stable enclave.

Despite its safety from the undead, Trabajao was desperately short on supplies and firepower. Celeste, a former marijuana dispensary owner, provided both when she and her entourage of PMC contractors joined the enclave a few months after the Crash. She came with literal truckloads of supplies but part of her arrangement with the enclave was that no one could ask where the supplies came from. She also insisted that marijuana farms would be set up within the enclave, despite the protests of the church and some workers, who wanted food grown over drugs. She kept Trabajo safe from the growing number of raiders and cultists roaming the countryside and pot became a popular export.

Trabajo has never closed its doors to new members, so many poor college students and faculty from the nearby university joined out of desperation. Most enclaves only allowed in refugees with valuable skills or connections. The leaders of Trabajo all knew what it was like to be an outsider or a member living in the fringe of society before the Crash, so they were more sympathetic than the other enclaves. Anyone can join Trabajo if they are honest and are willing to be judged by the church’s court for any crimes they committed before joining the enclave. Most new members are given penance in the form of difficult and unpleasant work but former bandits and cultists must prove their trustworthiness by months of incredibly dangerous missions for the enclave.
Top Exports: Marijuana and hemp products, grimecloth reclaimed from casualties, milk and meat from livestock processing, freight and logistics service, passenger transport, and education from Catholic schools.  Some enclaves pay to send students to the Catholic school, which has the best reputation of any educational establishment in the region.

Top Imports: Fuel for the trains, pot growhouses, and slaughterhouses, is unending. Food, especially grain, for the huge number of citizens is always in demand. Every time an enclave in the region falls, survivors flock to Trabajo. Weapons for the PMC guards, machined tools and rails for the trains also face shortages.

Competition: The DHQS has a large presence in the NORAD facility, 140 miles to the south. The HQ of the Moths, the Ubiq Campus is also in the region as a major player. Trabajo has become a battleground in the cold war between the two factions. Each faction wants to flip Trabajo to its side. The leaders of Trabajo want to stay out of the war, not wanting to suffer government airstrikes or Moth IED attacks. 

Other competitors include a well organized convoy of diesel trucks that have alternated between raiding and trading with other enclaves in the region. They have maintained a low profile, but they have targeted Trabajo-affiliated travelers and underbid Trabajo transport contracts before. If anyone can find more information about this group, they will receive a big payday from the Union.

Social Structure: The primary authority in the enclave is called the Union. Made up of the original slaughterhouse workers, the Union runs most of the businesses and infrastructure. The PMC protects the enclave’s walls and polices its citizens. The legal system is presided over by Catholic priests, including several former lawyers for the church and a few Jesuit priests. The Trainspotters run and maintain the trains, effectively giving them veto power over many decisions. If the Conductor refuses to run the train, no one can force him.

Neighborhoods:  The Train – engine room and adjacent machine shops. Reserved for the Trainspotters.
Trough: Celeste’s turf – PMC guards, growhouses, and gardens.
First Class: Pullman cars for VIPs and other rich members of the enclave.
Processing: Warehouses converted to barracks. The poor working class neighborhood.
Grand Central: open air marketplace – where hustling and commerce happens.

VIPs: Boss Marta Munez: Leader of the Union and de facto mayor of Trabajo.
The Conductor: Leader of the trainspotters, eccentric and iron willed hobbyist with encyclopedia knowledge of trains.
Cardinal Joseph O’Connell: Appointed as Cardinal of the archdiocese of Denver by the surviving priests. Charismatic and known as a pragmatist. Well-liked by other leaders.
Father Antonio: Defrocked priest and former lawyer. Only public defender of the enclave. Man of the people.
Tammy: Only meth dealer in enclave. Great connections but total white trash. Somehow fatter than she was before the Crash.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / The best of Delta Green on RPPR
« on: August 17, 2015, 07:13:14 PM »
Help us bring Delta Green to Kickstarter! We are helping Arc Dream put together a great video to help sell DG to a new generation of gamer. To that end, we need to showcase the best of it on RPPR.

What are your favorite parts from any of the Delta Green actual plays, interviews, panel discussions, or other episodes (including the Unspeakable podcast)? Please post them here with time codes, so we can use them in the Delta Green Kickstarter video.

Also, if you're a dedicated fan of Delta Green, consider recording a short (under 30 seconds) video or audio testimonial. You may appear in the KS video!

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Ideas for quick games to design
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:21:59 PM »
So, I've worked on Ruin a lot but it's nowhere near done. That's fine, it's a long term project. However, I want to make games and I have 3 ideas I could start on after I finish up Boiling Point. What would you guys be most interested in?

1. Players are trapped in a shared TV universe powered by the emotions of the audience in reality. As an audience member you are aware of tropes and have your own emotions, so you can generate trope effects. However, those eat away at your free will. Lose all your free will and you become trapped as a TV character forever. A gumshoe system reskin, where emotions are investigative skills, sanity becomes free will, and so forth. You ultimately want to escape to reality, although some believe you can become a god by straddling the world of the audience and the world of the screen.

2. A down and dirty mashup of horror/investigative games with the spirit of dungeon crawling games. You fight cults and investigate monsters, not to save the world, but to get rich and gain powerful magic items. Characters are extremely vulnerable so roll a stack of ninjas and professors. Metagame knowledge can be passed on to new characters by writing journals.

3. A card game version of Killsplosion - build up combos to blow up or outshoot your rivals to get the mcguffin and look more badass doing it.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Best of RPPR APs Fan Creation Contest
« on: January 06, 2015, 08:24:24 PM »

We've played a lot of Arc Dream games over the years and we want to celebrate them with a contest. Create something to commemorate your favorite AP and you could win a prize!


1. Create a piece of art in a given category based on an episode of RPPR Actual Play set in an Arc Dream game. The only exception is the PC Death Montage category, which can use any AP episode.

2. Post it to this forum by May 15.

3. Entries will be judged by RPPR by May 31.

4. Winners will receive a random Arc Dream or Slang Design book in the mail, if located in the US or Canada. Overseas winners receive all Base Raider and Zombies of the World PDFs.  All winners will be mentioned on a podcast episode as well. We may add additional prizes in the future.

5. A single entry may win in one Arc Dream Game category and in one media category. PC Death submissions can only compete in that category.

6. Rules subject to revision to clarify questions.

Arc Dream Game Categories:
1. Wild Talents
2. Better Angels
3. Monsters and Other Childish Things
4. A Dirty World
5. Delta Green/The Unspeakable Oath
6. Kerberos Club

Media Categories:

7. Best Still Art: Drawn art, photographs and 3d models are all acceptable.
8. Video: Live action or animated
9. Written: At least 1000 words or more, please.
10. Audio: Radio play, music, etc.
11. Other: Sculpture, performance art, whatever you can dream of!

Special Category:

12. PC Death: This category is unique in that any RPPR AP episode can be used for this category and there is no restriction on form. Simply celebrate the many deaths of RPPR player characters in whatever way you see fit. Winners get a personalized grab bag of RPPR swag and a copy of Base Raiders  and I will mail this anywhere in the world.

General Chaos / So, music. What's that all about?
« on: November 12, 2014, 05:21:46 PM »
Like all things, I am a horrible monster when it comes to music. I pretty much live on electronic music of various genres. I'll listen to some albums or mixes for a few months, get bored of it, then find something new to obsess over. Lately, I've gotten into synthwave more deeply, after getting bored of drum and bass and electro-house (essential mix and various mixes I downloaded from youtube and edm blogs). A few days ago I downloaded a bunch of synthwave albums and I am now listening to a playlist of these tracks on random:

A few tracks from

I need to build up my vaporwave playlist for late night listening/Ruin writing - so far I only have Infinity Frequencies and coolmemoryz for it.

The key for me is trying to find cheap/pay what you want. I don't want to pay 10 bucks for an album, because I have no idea how often I'll actually listen to it. Every time I actually buy a full price album, it seems I never get into it, but cheap/free albums always seem to work better for me. Probably a cognitive bias, but I want a huge playlist so I'm not listening to the same tracks over and over. If an album is really good, I might buy it.  I prefer to download mp3s over streaming services because of ads, unstable internet connection and the fact that every streaming service has a limited library for my weird ass tastes.

Anyway, this thread is for music discussion - recommend me good synthwave or vaporwave or DnB mixes or liquid dubstep or talk about other types of music and otherwise derail this thread.

Quis Separabit: a UA RP / Unknown Armies campaign board
« on: June 23, 2014, 04:34:11 PM »
This is just for the  Quis Separabit campaign. Report any off topic posts. Same forum rules go here other wise.

Have fun!

I'm considering setting up on Patreon -

The basic idea is you subscribe to a given content provider (like a podcast) and in exchange for that, you get exclusive content.  The content provider also sets up milestones so that if X amount of cash is raised per month, then content Y is released to backers.

Right now I'm trying to think of things I could create for Patreon that wouldn't interfere too much with my existing work. The B-Sides/old APs will probably stay separate -. Not 100% committed on that though.

Possible bonuses so far:

A bonus podcast - probably a fan fiction or RPG text reading (like more rules from Synnibar, Phoenix Command, etc) - something relatively short and humorous

A flash fiction (1000 words or less) set in a RPPR AP game - get some behind the scenes insight into your favorite games.

Book reviews of gaming related books or discussion with Caleb on gaming-related books/novels etc

Other ideas?

Milestones could include

A webcomic series of incidents/stories related to various APs

Skype games run by me for Backers - the top backers play and others can listen live or download the AP

Skype Q/A sessions with Tom and I - get advice on your campaign, etc.

Other milestones you'd like to see?

Our 100th episode is coming up. We will do a section answering listener questions. Ask them here so we can answer them on the podcast. Please note we will not necessarily answer every question.

Well, I finally got my print copy of the Dreamlands campaign, so I plan to run it. I will alternate between Eclipse Phase and Sense. Running Sense won't take up as much time to prep, since it is already written.

So, I have started this thread so RPPR players can post their character back stories. I will reward good stories with bonus skill points.

Character Generation rules

6th ed. Call of Cthulhu

All PCs live in New York City in the year 1925.

add +3 to each player character’s POW (up to a maximum of 18). 

Their SAN scores start at pow x 4 rather than powx 5.

Each begins play with addiction to opium, morphine or heroin as an indefinite insanity.each player character also begins with bonus skill points related to the factors that contributed to the addiction

PCs must have a reason to be addicted: "Keepers, be certain to make the players detail these characters lavishly. Make it clear that every detail matters: the character’s backstory, hopes, dreams, fears, loved ones, and especially what factors keep them coming back helplessly to their drug."

Some example reasons:

1. you needed the drug to cope with the pain of wounds and/or shell shock suffered in the Great War. add +10 percentiles each to First aid and Bayonet if you were a foot soldier, to Swim and Boating if you were a sailor, or to navigate and Spot hidden if you were an infantry officer, a navy officer or a pilot.

2. you needed the drug to cope with the pain and terror of a terrible accident. add +10 percentiles each to dodge and Listen.

3-4. you needed the drug to cope with the stress of the impossible demands of work and/or family. add +10 percentiles each either to accounting and Bargain or to persuade and psychology.

5. you needed the drug to escape the flashy, shallow, desperately careless excesses of the modern age. add +10 percentiles each to art (choose which art form) and Fast Talk.

6. after reading too deeply in a translation of the dreaded necronomicon, you needed the drug to make peace with your despair of finding meaning in a hopeless world. add +10 percentiles each to Cthulhu Mythos and Library use.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / RPPR Redesign underway
« on: June 04, 2013, 10:39:03 PM »
I'm in the process of redesigning all the RPPR based sites. RPPR is first on the slate.


Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / 2013 RPG Podcast Listener Survey
« on: June 04, 2013, 12:59:49 AM »

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