RPPR Episode 130: Pre Gen Con 2016 Special

ennies2016nomineeNews: Please vote a 1for Role Playing Public Radio as Best Podcast in the 2016 Ennies Awards! Thank you for your support of this podcast.

Synopsis: RPPR will be at Gen Con this year in force! We have some great panels and other events lined up for you. Even if you can’t make it, we will be recording a lot of content for future episodes. Our official events are:

Be sure to sign up for the RPPR Gen Con Announcement Groupme to keep track of the latest games and events. Jeff Barber of Biohazard Games will be there running demos of Upwind. If you want to schedule a demo with him, email him now to make arrangements.

Song: Come back down by HOME

Game Designer’s Workshop: Interview with Jeff Barber

bp1A few months ago, Jeff Barber swung by Springfield to playtest his upcoming RPG, Upwind. He’s behind Blue Planet, a critically acclaimed sci-fi RPG about the colonization of an aquatic planet. I interviewed him about game design, the creation of Blue Planet, how Upwind came to be, and other topics. If you’re interested in Upwind, please check out our first AP of it here.

Game Designer Workshop Episode 13: Red Markets Kickstarter Post-mortem

rm-bondsThe Red Markets Kickstarter is over but the work isn’t over yet! Caleb and I discuss how the campaign went and what we learned. Like any campaign, there were some surprises along the way. Find out what they were and what’s next for Red Markets. Thanks again for your support!

Song: Above all by HOME