Game Designer Workshop: Live at Gen Con 2015

ruin-previewThe RPPR crew is back from Gen Con and we have a lot of podcasts for you! Caleb and I gave six panels and we recorded them all. The first is a new Game Designer Workshop episode, where I talk about my progress in Ruin and Caleb discusses his new beta for Red Markets. RPPR: making mistakes in game design in real time, for your entertainment!

RPPR Episode 117: Slouching Towards Gen Con 2015

gencon2015News: RPPR will be part of the Podcast-a-Ganza at Gen Con. The Boiling Point Conversion Guides are out and are available for download. Red Markets will soon have a beta available for playtesting.

Synopsis: Another Gen Con is upon us and RPPR shall be there. This year, Caleb and I will be hosting a bunch of panels on topics ranging from game design to measuring fun in games. Aaron is running several games, and Tom wants to demo a bunch of new games at the exhibit hall. We also share tips about surviving the con, shout outs, and anecdotes from Call of Cthulhu and Red Markets. See you at Gen Con!

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RPPR Episode 116: LARPing Quietly In Your Head

heisteryNews: The Fan Creation page on RPPR Actual Play is online. The handouts for Boiling Point are available for download if you need to print them out. Red Markets is in alpha playtesting and you can help. Read this thread for more info.

Synopsis: At a certain point, most gamers will start looking at places they visit or learn about and daydream about what kind of game could be set in that place. Caleb and I discuss how we look at spaces we learn about and incorporate them into games. From our regular haunts to places we only read about, there are many ways to look at interesting places and integrate them into a game. It happens in video games all the time – this picture shows the Freer Gallery of Art vs the Diamond Heist in Payday 2. Tom is not in this episode, so no letter, but we do have shout outs and anecdotes.

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