Game Designer Workshop Episode 12: Dream Just the Right Amount

News: The Red Markets Kickstarter is live! If you want to see the fruits of Caleb’s labors, be sure to back the Kickstarter.

Synopsis: Structuring a Kickstarter is a difficult task. A game designer has to predict how much it will fund. Overshoot a goal and the Kickstarter will fail. Undershoot the goal may result in stretch goal hell, especially if the stretch goals aren’t planned properly. Caleb discusses his thoughts when he structured the Red Markets Kickstarter and what advice he got from other game designers. Remember that a wildly successful Kickstarter can bankrupt a company if it was not planned well enough. What has Caleb decided? Find out in this special episode!

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Song: Zombies on my back by The Wild Zombies.

RPPR Episode 128: My Player’s Keeper

bsides_volume3News: RPPR B-Sides Volume 3 is now available! Help support our podcast and get 20 actual play episodes, including Tom’s Pathfinder campaign and a Fiasco game with Thad.

Thrilling Intent will have a livestream run of Tenra Bansho Zero on May 28 at 5 pm EST. Check out the details here.

Synopsis: Player characters develop relationships with other during the course of a campaign. They can help or hinder the campaign itself. Faust, Shaun, Tom, and I discuss how to build them in games and what kind of complications arise as a result. Keeping the narrative focused while balancing screen time between all players can be difficult. We also have shout outs and anecdotes!

Promo: The Redacted Files, an actual play podcast.

Shout Outs

  • Welcome to Night Vale: A novel based on the podcast, just as surreal and humorous.
  • Vagante: An indie platforming rogue-lite now on Steam.
  • Jeeves and Wooster: A hilarious Brit-sitcom based on the P.G. Woodehouse stories.
  • Barkley Marathons: A documentary about the world’s most grueling ultra-marathon.
  • The Big Short: A film about the people who predicted the 2008 financial crisis and profited from it.

Song: MAMAIA_2084 – Side A – She Used to Be Mine/Fresh Start  by MAMAIA_2084 & ~senpai vaporwave

Interview with James D’Amato on the Noisy Person Cards Kickstarter

npcksJames D’Amato and Kat Kuhl from the One Shot Podcast developed a party card game to help gamers role play more. Noisy Person Cards can be thought of as a warm up exercise to a proper RPG. James and I talk about how NPC came to be and what he’s learned about Kickstarter so far. After the interview, there’s an actual play of the RPPR group trying the print and play version of NPC. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter, going on now!