Interview with Jeff C. Carter and Edward M. Erdelac on the Mecha West Kickstarter

mechawestAsk anyone, from the lowliest farmhand in Missouri to the wealthiest banker in New England who they consider to be the most important figure in history, chances are they’ll give the same answer: Robert Fulton. By his simple act of installing steam engines into antiquated clockwork armors from the Napoleonic Wars, he changed the face warfare forever. Armed with massive Colt repeaters, these mechanical behemoths were the premier soldiers of the American Civil War, with both North and South creating untold devastation that fractured the nascent United States by wars end.

Now a more dangerous Wild West has risen from the ashes of Reconstruction. Iron Rangers from the US Calvary clash with Comanche Iron Killers. Cattle rustlers conduct midnight raids in rickety Turkey Walkers and groups like the Chinese Freeman Society and New Africa fight to hold claim to their new territories. This is the world of Mecha West.

Mecha West is a standalone game setting utilizing the MECHA RPG system. Written by Chris C. Carter and Edward M. Edelac, the game presents an alternate history look at Post-Reconstruction America where Steampunk Mechs are the staple weapons for lawmen and wandering gunmen alike. Aaron interviewed Chris and Eric about the setting and what influences they took from the real history of the Wild West. Mecha West is currently running a Kickstarter, so if you like Steampunk warfare, give them a look. If you also interested in running MECHA games, their current games are available for purchase on DrivethruRPG.

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The Art of the Table: GMing Beyond the Basics at PAX South 2016

IMG_20160129_172624532I recorded some panels while I attended PAX South this year. The first one I recorded goes over some GMing tips and tricks. Have you been running an amazing RPG campaign for years but still have a few problems that keep coming up? Have you always wanted to run a game but felt afraid to get started? The Art of the Table and its fine crew of experienced game masters is here to have a look under the hood of your home game and install whatever’s needed to send your campaign roaring off towards legendary status. Hosted by Danielle Harper [Veteran GM, The Art of the Table], Adam Koebel [Game Designer, Sage Kobold Productions], Randy Scheunemann [Retail Specialist, Steve Jackson Games], Ryan Coogan [Director, Dystopia Rising Lone Star], and Steven Lumpkin [Veteran GM, The Art of the Table].

RPPR Episode 124: Atomic Robo Campaign Post-Mortem

robo-pc-webNews: A new Base Raiders PDF supplement is out. Check out New Teams: Cosplay on sale now! Also, the Red Markets beta campaign has started. Be sure to listen to the first episode. Finally, Raillery has a ton of new videos on its Youtube channel. Check em out.

Synopsis: We recently posted the conclusion to the Atomic Robo campaign and as our custom, we have a post-mortem to discuss what went right and what went wrong. The players and GM had varying levels of knowledge about the setting, which posed unique challenges for Aaron. We talk about what we liked about the game and what could have changed and what we would do differently next time. If you missed some episodes of the campaign, visit its page for a list of links to all the episodes.

Shout Outs

  • Eclipse Phase: After the Fall: The first anthology of fiction for Eclipse Phase. A must-read if you enjoy transhuman sci-fi
  • Showa 1944-1953: The third volume in Shigeru Mizuki’s award-winning history of Japan.
  • Undertale: A video game RPG where you don’t have to kill. You still can though. Just saying.
  • Duck Game: A brilliant and perfect game of quacking and shooting ducks. Also, hats.
  • Armello: A fantasy board game/video game with good multiplayer features.
  • Spirit of 77: A Powered by the Apocalypse 1970s exploitation film inspired RPG with beautiful art
  • Ghostbusters Board Game: Play the Ghostbusters busting ghosts in tabletop format.
  • Everything is Terrible – Legends: a sanity-grinding 12 hour compilation of Everything is Terrible. Beware of TRICKY PEOPLE.
  • Five Element Ninjas: The Shaw Brothers had some peculiar ideas about ninjas and samurai.
  • Sunless Sea: A video game set in Fallen London. Explore an underground sea filled with strange monsters.
  • Crawl: An unusually designed co-op video game about dungeon crawling and monster slaying.

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