Game Designer Workshop Episode 9: Emergent Frustrations

Base-Raiders-Avalons-Ideal-drivethruSponsor: Arc Dream is sponsoring this episode of Game Designer’s Workshop. Check out the Delta Green Kickstarter.

News:I have released a new Base Raiders PDF called Avalon’s Ideal, written by Kyle Carty.

Synopsis: The beta for Red Markets has been out for a while, so Caleb now has to deal with feedback and resisting the urge to change the game during the beta. Dealing with a community playing an incomplete game leads to unique challenges for the game designer, which we discuss in detail. Be sure to check the RPPR forums for threads like this about Red Markets.

Music: All Your Things from Admiral of the Red

RPPR Episode 120: Talken it Out

evil-sparkles-closeupSponsor: This episode of RPPR is sponsored by Mystical Throne Entertainment. You’ll find a variety of settings covering dark fantasy, historical fantasy, horror, Greek mythology, modern action, and sci-fi.

News: Sparkles the Unicorn for Base Raiders is now available! Get it on DrivethruRPG or through the Base Raiders store.

Synopsis: In many groups, most role playing happens between players and the GM, not between the players. In this episode, Tom, Aaron, Bill, and I discuss how to encourage intra-party role playing and when is too much. Bill also reviews the new 5E D&D book, Out of the Abyss, in great detail. Plus, shout outs and anecdotes

Shout Outs

Song: Dreams by Iacon

No Soul Left Behind Interview with Caleb, Greg Stolze, and Shane Ivey

nslb-coverNo Soul Left Behind, a full campaign for Better Angels, written by RPPR’s Caleb, is now available for purchase. In this special interview, you can hear how the book came to be, Greg Stolze’s thoughts on it, and a lot more! From hilarious playtesting stories to lessons learned on game design, this discussion covers everything you wanted to know about No Soul Left Behind. Don’t forget to listen to the RPPR Playtest campaign, if you haven’t already.