RPPR Episode 165: The Importance of Gear in RPGs

Many RPG campaigns inevitably have at least one session that’s more about shopping for new items and gear. Some players love it and others hate it. How important are items and associated game mechanics for them? Caleb, Jay B, and I discuss the differing philosophies of items in various RPGs, from Phoenix Command’s detailed rules to Fiasco’s non-existent rules for items. We also discuss an upcoming gear book for Red Markets, plus shout outs and anecdotes.

News: Party Fowl is out! If you haven’t already got a copy of the best duck-themed social gathering board game of 2019, then get yours today! Also, I am going to Australia next month, but RPPR will still be going strong. I will be posting about my trip on Twitter and Instagram.

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RPPR Episode 164: Railroading Off the Cliff

News: We have a new series on the RPPR Patreon called Mashup Mayhem. We take different things and mash them together to make RPGs. Our latest episode merges the AvP franchise with the Cthulhu mythos.

In tabletop RPG industry news, a game designer, Zak Smith, has been accused of sexual assault and abuse by four women, including his former partner, Mandy Morbid. I believe them. He has been banned from Gen Con. Please do not buy any of his books. Much more information can be found here.

Synopsis: Railroading is a problem for the table. Whether it’s the GM railroading the players or a player railroading the rest of the table by refusing to engage with the premise, it makes the game not as fun as it could be. Bill, David, and I join with special guest Rob from the Orpheus Protocol to talk about railroading. Be sure to check out the same page tool and the X card.

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RPPR Episode 163: Scum and Villainy and PAX South 2019

News: I have started using Instagram! Check out my photos and videos of PAX South! Also, Adam Scott Glancy has a campaign of Hollow Earth Expedition on RPPR Tabletop Tales. If you’re looking for exciting pulp action, check it out!

Synopsis: We have been playing Scum and Villainy, a Forged in the Dark system RPG, for several months. Our campaign is going up on extended early access on the RPPR Patreon, but Aaron, Shaun, Tom, and I wanted to talk about the game now. We discuss a bit about our campaign, the game’s rules, and our experiences with it.

Check out The Oddballs on the RPPR Patreon to listen to our actual play campaign!

In our second segment, Kyle Carty from BPB Games reviews Rising Tides, an expansion for Torchbearer. It’s an interesting take on the steampunk naval exploration genre.

Finally, we have shout outs and anecdotes based on our experience at PAX South this year.

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