America is divided in two camps, the red and the blue. This cannot stand. Take control as the leader of either side and fight for control over the fate of the USA! Build legions of soldiers, from rednecks in pick up trucks or disgruntled suburban teens. In the end, only side will prevail. Will it be yours?

Written by Patrick Seth Williams
Edited by Chris Farmer
Performed by RPPR

Sport Drinks today are weak. They don’t provide the extreme amounts of energy gamers need. So, XTREME XP is there to help YOU. How? It provides not only an incredible energy boost, it actually GIVES you EXPERIENCE POINTS. Can you imagine leveling up with a sixpack of Xtreme XP instead of having to kill kobolds for six hours?

Written by Tom Church
Edited by Chris Farmer
Performed by Ross Payton, Aaron Carstein, Chris Farmer and Tom Church

This is the cutting edge of game design. A game so absolutely brilliant that…that…fuck, rolled a 1 on the Profession (writer) check.
BONUS: Listen to the entire flame war! (2:41)

Written by Ross Payton
Edited by Chris Farmer

Gamer 1: Patrick Seth Williams
Gamer 2: Tom Church
GM: Ross Payton
Indie Game Designer: Chris Farmer