lich-dmgNews: RPPR B-Sides volume 2 is coming soon. Volume 1 is free, so check that out, if you haven’t already.

Synopsis: A new edition of Dungeons and Dragons has been released and Bill, Sean, and I have played enough to have opinions that are more than just knee-jerk reactions. In this episode, we talk about the merits of 5E compared to the previous edition, what we like, what we don’t and more. Tom isn’t in this episode, so no letter. We do have shout outs and anecdotes though!

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News: Base Raiders, the new RPPR Kickstarter is now online. Contribute now! Learn more at the Base Raiders website.

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Former RPPR regular Cody Walker has his own Kickstarter up for Noir City, a comic book. Check it out!

The RPPR crew is just terrible at Artemis Spaceship Simulator. Watch!

Synopsis: The newest RPPR Project, Base Raiders, is about dungeon crawling in a world of superheroes. But many players find that type of game boring. Dungeons are usually thought of as endless stone corridors, populated with traps and monsters but a dungeon can be so much more. You can use them in practically any genre, even modern ones. Tom and I discuss how modern ruins and abandoned places can be made into exciting dungeons for your games and what makes an evocative dungeon versus a boring one. We even design a modern dungeon on the fly for your use. Hopefully this episode will give you a new perspective on dungeons.

Tom has a letter of course, and I talk about my experiences playtesting the new Dungeons and Dragons system.

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The New World is the grave of Lemuria, the greatest of all nations. The barbaric tribes that live in the New World now walk upon its bones, the ruins of temples and palaces, ignorant of the wisdom and power buried beneath their feet. When a colony from the kingdom of a distant continent settles on the shores of the New World, whispers of Lemuria flutter through the winds. Adventurers from the colony find the ruins and marvel at their beauty. Scholars listen to the legends told by tribal elders and connect them to ancient stories of a lost empire. Native warriors and mystics commune with spirits awoken by the colony’s arrival. The Ruins of Lemuria stir the blood of the ambitious and curious. Soon expeditions will be mounted to crack open the dusty tombs leading into the Stygian depths to learn their secrets and plunder their treasures. Little do these adventurers know that the doom that befall mighty Lemuria waits to greet them.
The Ruins of Lemuria describes a massive network of ruins that spread across the entire continent of the New World, the remnants of a powerful civilization more advanced in science and magic than any other in the history of the world. Fragments of their knowledge lie deep within the ruins, along with powerful magical items and vast amounts of treasure. Needless to say, if the knowledge or magic items are found and brought back to civilization, it could change the course of history. Lemurian magic and technology is still more advanced than anything else the world has ever known. A few adventurers armed with this power can end wars, curse diseases or doom their own civilization. This supplement provides a framework to incorporate the Ruins into most high fantasy RPG campaigns.