RPPR Episode 168: Nagalisitu campaign Post-Mortem

The Hunting Pack's last partyNews: The RPPR Patreon has a new milestone and if we reach it, we will create new RSS feeds for your favorite classic campaigns, like Know Evil. This will allow you to easily download them with your favorite podcasting app. Learn more details on our Patreon. We have an example RSS feed for the Final Revelation campaign.

Synopsis:Our campaign of Reign, Nagalisitu, is over. We got together to discuss the story, the game mechanics, and what we thought of the Hunting Pack’s journey. Find out where the title word comes from, our favorite moments, and a lot more!

Cast: Ross, Caleb, David, Jay B, and Aaron

Music: Game Over by Amerigo Gazaway

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  1. Wait, the magic system was made by Caleb and isn’t part of the game?

    I really liked this, it’s going on my run list for sure. I love the shifting colonization feel a lot.

    I think I said it before but it reminds me a lot of The Merchants War by Stross.

  2. Yes, the magic system (akin to FMA Equivalent Exchange) was implemented by Caleb to work with the magic stats Ross and I received during the random rolls.

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