Designing new monsters for your RPG is a time honored tradition for most GMs. I got Greg Stolze and Caleb Stokes to talk about their approaches to creating new creatures for games. Is the monster a metaphor or just a weird new enemy to fight? Get some tips on becoming Dr. Frankenstein for your next game!

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The Multiverse is back! Films and TV shows featuring the concept of a multiverse are more popular than ever, even though they are old hat in tabletop RPGs. Special guest Patrick from RPX and Tech Diff podcasts and I talk about ways you can implement a multiverse in your RPG and some examples. We also have some shout outs!

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Shout Outs

  • Closetland: a moving film about a woman imprisoned by an unjust state.
  • Men: A new supernatural horror film from Alex Garland
  • Islands of Abandonment: a book about what happens to abandoned structures and the post-human landscape.
  • My Name: a Korean action series about an undercover cop seeking revenge.
  • Janitor Bleeds: a low poly horror video game set in an abandoned arcade.
  • Frontier Scum: an “Acid Western” OSR style TTRPG.

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The Terminator RPG was released as a PDF recently. A special guest, Jacqueline Bryk and I went through the game. It contains a lot of rules, including a dense system for hacking, something I hadn’t seen since Shadowrun and Cyberpunk. What makes a licensed game good or bad? We talk about the highlights and lowlights of the game and other licensed games out there. Plus shout outs!

Shout Outs

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