Mega Dungeon Meandering is a deep dive into one of the best reviewed mega dungeons of all time, Stonehell: Stonehell Dungeon is a classic-style mega dungeon, filled with enough  monsters, traps, weirdness, and treasure to keep you gaming for a long,  long time. Explore over 700 rooms, encounter more than 40 new monsters,  and discover 18 mysterious magical items — and that’s just in the first  book!

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Synopsis: Outcasts are a common theme in many RPGs, but how do you handle them, both as a player and as a GM? Tom and I talk about the various flavors of outcasts, from cosmetic back story to immersive games about being an outcast. We talk about outcasts in D&D, Mutants in the Now, and Vampire, among other game settings.

Shout Outs

  • Mutants in the Next: A supplement for Mutants in the Now,Kickstarting now!
  • The Devil’s Candy: A brilliant book on the film making process. Find out how the flop, Bonfire of the Vanities, was made. Watch this video essay for one fascinating anecdote from the book.
  • This Grand Life: A Life simulator video game. Tom approves!
  • Weird Tales of a Bangalorean: A compilation of weird short stories set in Bangalore, India.
  • How to Drink: A Youtube channel about making cocktails and mixed alcoholic drinks.
  • Infernax: A retro side scrolling Metroidvania. Very fun and on Gamepass.
  • Castlevania 2 Redacted: A fan remake of Castlevania 2 for the NES.
  • Trek to Yomi: A black and white side scrolling samurai themed action video game.
  • Atun-Shei Films: A Youtube channel about history and movies.
  • Our Flag Means Death: A comedy show about pirates. Hilarious!
  • The Sadness: An incredibly gory Taiwanese zombie movie inspired by the comic series Crossed.

Song: Outcast by AMITWOutcasts are a common theme in many RPGs, but how do you handle them, both as a player and as a GM? Tom and I talk about the various flavors of outcasts, from cosmetic back story to immersive games about being an outcast.


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Synopsis: Gaming with the same people for years has its advantages and disadvantages. Aaron, Tom, and I discuss the differences between playing with regular friends versus new players. We also talk about how to avoid getting stale in long term game groups and how to add new players into groups.

Shout outs

  • The Empty Man: a horror film about a sinister cult and the power of the tulpa.
  • Patron: a new city builder video game
  • Green Knight: A new movie about the Arthurian poem Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Godzilla Singular Point: a Netflix anime series about Godzilla and it’s pretty great
  • Cooking Simulator: a video game about cooking
  • Faust: An amazing surreal re-telling of the Marlowe play. Directed by the legendary Jan Švankmajer
  • Caveat: An Irish thriller about a man trapped in a strange house with a stranger woman
  • No End House: Season 2 of Channel Zero, an excellent horror TV series. Architectural horror!

Song: No Rave Shit by 2 Mello