News of the discovery spreads like wildfire. Ambitious lords, zealous high priests and enterprising merchants draw their plans fervently. The docks of the cities blaze with activity, as ships are outfitted for long journeys and word goes out at every village square and tavern throughout the kingdom. The New World has been found and the rush to claim and colonize it has begun!

The New World Campaign Setting was developed by Ross Payton, host of RPPR for his 4E D&D campaign. It ran from December of 2008 to June 2010.  Four PDF campaign source books were released via the ransom model and are now available as free downloads.


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  2. Campaign source books
  3. Actual Play episodes
  4. New World Art


Download The New World Primer [64 page PDF]
The New World Primer is the first supplement of a campaign setting about a newly discovered continent, suitable for most fantasy worlds. The first expedition from the old world has just landed on the shores of the New World to start the first settlement. The name and exact location of the continent is left undescribed so you can more easily fit the New World in your campaign. A few dozen colonists, including a brave party of heroes (i.e. the player characters), band together as they try to tame the savage wilderness, make peace with the native tribes and establish the first settlement. The supplement provides all you need to get started in the New World. The New World Campaign Primer offers: A new player race – The grippli, optimistic frog people who want to take their place as a dominant species in the world, new Monsters – like the Raven Mocker, a necromantic scavenger and Lemurian Skeletons, wandering undead that attack the living on sight, The Lost Totem – a short adventure for level 1 characters, new feats, rituals, adventure hooks and more! Art by Josh Hunter, Ean Moody, Vincent Daniels and Alex Romero.

Download The Goblin Hulk [48 page PDF]
No one welcomes the goblin horde into their land. No one wants the goblins as guests or friends. No one, not even the other monstrous races, trusts the goblins. They are as the locust, a ravenous swarm consuming or despoiling all within reach. Normally, they are held back by the armies of civilized nations but the New World lacks an organized defense. The first goblin ship has laid anchor off the shore of the New World, a massive hulk that holds together despite its improbable construction. It is a ramshackle floating fortress with countless goblins nesting within it. Its very presence destabilizes the region and if left unchecked, the goblins could overrun the New World. Art by Josh Hunter, Ean Moody, Violet Kirk and Kevin Kircus.

Download Codex of War [61 page PDF]
The colony has survived its first winter in the New World, a testament to the courage and fortitude of its inhabitants, but now a greater threat looms over the fledgling settlement. While nearby native tribes have decided to live peacefully with the colony, a powerful coalition of tribes farther inland is ready to make war. Led by an enigmatic tyrant, these tribes seek the colony as a cancer growing in their homeland. The brave adventurers who protect the colony must stop the coalition before all is lost. War takes on many forms. Simple and sporadic raids on neighboring tribes, civilized duels and battles that follow complex rules of etiquette and protocol, or all out war between determined foes who fight to the bloody end. No matter what type of war, the colonists have only two options: defeat the tyrant or face utter obliteration. The tyrant will not settle for anything less than total victory. Art by Ean Moody, Violet Kirk, Josh Hunter and Chris McInerney

Download the Ruins of Lemuria [30 page PDF]
The Ruins of Lemuria describes a massive network of ruins that spread across the entire continent of the New World, the remnants of a powerful civilization more advanced in science and magic than any other in the history of the world. Fragments of their knowledge lie deep within the ruins, along with powerful magical items and vast amounts of treasure. Needless to say, if the knowledge or magic items are found and brought back to civilization, it could change the course of history. Lemurian magic and technology is still more advanced than anything else the world has ever known. A few adventurers armed with this power can end wars, curse diseases or doom their own civilization. This supplement provides a framework to incorporate the Ruins into most high fantasy RPG campaigns.

Actual Play Episodes of the New World

The New World campaign began as the RPPR 4E campaign.  Unfortunately, episode 1 was lost due to technical reasons. The first recording is episode 2. It concluded with episode 46. For more great actual play podcast, check out the RPPR Actual Play Podcast.

  • Episode 1 does not exist – It was lost due to a technical error. You didn’t miss much. Sorry 🙁
  • Episode 2 – dungeon of the water spirit – meet the grippli
  • Episode 3 – goblin hulk arrives – pinchy, Cordelia
  • Episode 4 – grippli kidnapped by goblins
  • Episode 5 – Thelonius the merchant lord
  • Episode 6 – rival adventurers and protecting the grippli from Axgore the slaver
  • Episode 7 – Battle with a young dragon
  • Episode 8 – Explore the Lemurian ruins
  • Episode 9 – Pontifex the lich is introduced
  • Episode 10 – Fighting the Thieves Guild
  • Episode 11 – Marching on the Thieves Guild stronghold
  • Episode 12 – Final battle with the Guild
  • Episode 13 – Paragon Tier begins
  • Episode 14 – Journey to the Nation of the Ant Spirit
  • Episode 15 – The contest between the Water Barons and Cortez begins
  • Episode 16 –  A daring raid against Cortez’s army
  • Episode 17 – The Water Barons build a fortress for a clan of ogres
  • Episode 18 – A dungeon crawl in the sewers under the colony
  • Episode 19 – A deal is made with a vampire in the sewers
  • Episode 20 – A battle on an airship against a beholder
  • Episode 21 – Return of an old friend to aid the Water Barons
  • Episode 22 – The eve of battle before Cortez attacks Border Town
  • Episode 23 – The Battle for Border Town
  • Episode 24 – A dinner party. Seriously. No combat. It’s the best session of the campaign. For reals.
  • Episode 25 – Expansion of the colony. (The dinner party is awesome. I am not joking)
  • Episode 26 – A lich menaces the colony so the Water Barons head out to destroy it
  • Episode 27 – Showdown with the lich plus a side trip to the Old World
  • Episode 28 – Dirty deals and intrigue as the Water Barons wheel and deal for greater power
  • Episode 29 – The Ultimate fate of the gnome rogue, Bright Eyes.
  • Episode 30 – The end of Paragon Tier
  • Episode 31 – Epic Tier begins! The revolution has begun!
  • Episode 32- An old enemy appears to menace the heroes once again
  • Episode 33- Negotiations with the Old World begin
  • Episode 34- After negotiations break down, the Water Barons fight to take over a loyalist city
  • Episode 35- the final assault against Sarkis
  • Episode 36- Dealing with the ogre of the New World once and for all
  • Episode 37– Journey to the far North to liberate the orcs from frost giants
  • Episode 38- In which I rip off the movie Avatar using frost giants.
  • Episode 39- Our heroes ally with a dracolich for the greater good
  • Episode 40- Locke confronts his wayward pupil Anakin
  • Episode 41– Adventure Time!
  • Episode 42– Meeting the nature spirit Thunderbird
  • Episode 43- Fighting the cult of Vecna to free Coyote
  • Episode 44- The eve of war with the Old World
  • Episode 45- The final battle with the Old World Armada
  • Episode 46- A New World



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