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When I visited Seattle and Tacoma last month, I hung out with Faust from Thrilling Intent so I could show her the adventure book she chose. After getting over her disbelief that it existed, we discussed how we could turn Revenge Sqaud Ragnarok into a sitcom. I think we did a pretty good job! Hollywood, GET AT US

Song: One with the Machine by Venator

Note: I wanted to give you all a free preview of a Patreon exclusive series, Palladium Poisoning. I’ll post one more episode of it later this month. If you enjoy it, please consider backing our Patreon to get access to all of the episodes and be sure to check out Faust on Third Wheel!

Synopsis: Rifts Adventure Sourcebook 2: Chi-Town ‘Burbs: Firetown & the Tolkeen Crisis is an odd duck. It focuses on providing plot hooks for running adventures in a sprawling city in the shadow of the Coalition States. It also features a fully fleshed out team of adventurers out for revenge against the CS. Six fully written up adventurers with personalities and back stories who aren’t just punching bags or mary sues. It’s weird, I know. Shaun and I discuss what kind of TV show would best suit these characters.

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Oh Rifts-chan, never change ^_^ News: Check out the newest Story Bundle! My book, Zombies of the World, is one of the bonus ebooks you can get if you pay the average of $8 or more. The bundle also features F. Paul Wilson and other great authors!

I also wrote up a detailed post-mortem of my recent Call of Cthulhu one shot based on the indie video game, Hotline Miami.

Synopsis: I asked Tom what he wanted to do an episode on and he chose the Palladium game system. So here we are. After going over our history with the system, we go over the game, from its mechanics to the setting of Rifts. It’s not pretty, but hopefully entertaining. Tom’s letter is about Rifts of course, and we have shout outs, a listener letter, and an anecdote.

Shout outs:

  • Story Bundle: Buy these ebooks! They make great Christmas gifts 😀
  • SSSSSSS: A 1970s horror movie about people being turned into giant snakes because of reasons.
  • The Drift: New SG-1 Stargate novel. Interesting plot, characterization, and excellent attention to detail.
  • A Monster in Paris: CGI animated film about a monster (in Paris).
  • Miskatonic River Press and Punktown Kickstarter: Get Lovecraftian games and fiction!
  • HP Lovecraft books Skyrim mod: Reading Lovecraft books in real life get you down? There’s got to be a better way!
  • Dead Pixels: A new indie game on Steam about shooting zombies, so you know I dig it.
  • Legend of Grimrock: Indie CRPG modeled after old school games like Eye of the Beholder. Clever puzzles and fun combat.

Song: Multidimensional Consciousness by the Flavor Foundation