We have created a Patreon page to help support and expand our podcast. If you enjoy Role Playing Public Radio and want to get additional bonus content, like more podcasts, artwork, the chance to play in online games run by RPPR cast members, and even physical rewards! There is a companion web site, RPPR After Hours that indexes all of the bonus content so you can easily find it.

The Rewards

RPPR After Hours: In our main podcast, we try to avoid giving shout outs to major movies, TV shows, and other big pop culture media because everyone already knows about them. So, RPPR After Hours will focus on the stuff we don’t usually talk about mixed with reviews of obscure tabletop RPG products that are probably best forgotten. You can listen to a sample episode here for free.

All of the episodes are listed on the After Hours website.

Wod The Heck: A monthly podcast exploring the Old World of Darkness with Faust and Shaun. In every episode we look at a book or game line and explore just how weird the WoD got. There’s a sample episode available for free.

Look at all the episodes on the After Hours website.

Behind The Scenes Blog: For the first year of the podcast, we posted behind the scenes blog posts with archival RPPR material. It contains fiction based on our actual play episodes, material from our campaigns like character sheets and notes, and scenario outlines and critiques. See a list of the posts here.

RPPR Illustrated: Desktop wallpaper art of scenes from various actual play episodes, including, but not limited to PC deaths, ridiculous stunts, and elaborate schemes. All of the available artwork is listed here.

Online Games: One shot sessions run by Ross or another member of the RPPR cast. Some of the games are available as free podcast downloads. Get a list of the available episodes here.


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