I have launched a second podcast: Raillery. I plan to release one new video a week, each as hilarious as this one: Oregon Trail 13. Don’t worry, Tom and I will continue RPPR and I will not put every raillery podcast on this feed. However, since Oregon Trail 13 started here, I thought all of you might enjoy it here.

Written by Ross Payton
Voiced by Ross Payton and Chris Farmer
Mixed by Chris Farmer
Animated by KC Green

It’s the hottest new sitcom to hit the airwaves! Beholder, a horrible monster from the underdark, has moved to the big city. What kind of whacky misadventures can this lovable scamp get into?

Written & Mixed by Chris Farmer
Performed by the RPPR regulars

Some sound effects from Freesound.
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Do you wish you could have better luck with your dice? DPSU can give you that luck! Listen in to find how you go from a natural 1 botch to a Nat 20 critical hit. Stop letting the GM push you around. Get the dice that can get the job done.

Written by Tom Church
Performed and edited by the RPPR staff