Jaime Paglia – Creator/Executive Producers of Eureka
Bruce Miller – Co-Executive Producer of Eureka
Eric Wallace – Staff writer
Nick Wauters – Staff writer

Hosted and moderated by Diana Botsford

I was lucky enough to attend a special voice chat interview with several of the minds behind the sci-fi TV show Eureka. My screenwriting professor, Diana Botsford moderated the interview but many of her students asked questions about the show, screenwriting and the creative process, breaking into the entertainment industry and new media, among other things. The audio quality isn’t perfect, but everyone is audible. If you’re interested in how a television show is written or how writers get their start, find out here.

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Sean Jaffe
Interview by Ross Payton

Synopsis: Back in Episode 4, we gave a shout out to Blood Dimmed Tides, an excellent Old World of Darkness sourcebook for the oceans. One of the book’s writers, Sean Jaffe, popped in to thank us. From there, I contacted him to find out more about the creation of the book and Sean’s other adventures in the gaming industry. This is our first Interview and my audio is too low but Sean is clearly audible. Enjoy.