RPPR Episode 03: When Games Go Bump in the Night

By Ross Payton and Tom Church

BONUS: The notes of the successful Hunter the Reckoning campaign mentioned this episode. If you like modern horror, there are numerous plot hooks and ideas to steal from these notes. Enjoy

Synopsis: Horror is a staple of role playing games, but actually making the game scary is harder than it seems. Between creating a suspenseful mood and dealing with players who don’t want to be scared, it is quite hard to make a scary game. However, we’ve done it in the past and we share some tips for those of you want to be terrified. Also, another letter from Tom and a gaming anecdote.

Shout out: DM Of the Rings is a funny web comic. Read it.

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  1. You had talked about players shouldn’t treat their characters (in COC) as disposable – even though they are. I’ve made a rules variant to COC that gets past that nicely if you are interested. You can find out more about that on the boards at http://heroiccthulhu.proboards105.com/index.cgi or listen to a few hundred podcasts of actual games at http://heroiccthulhu.mypodcast.com/rss.xml If you’d like to chat more about it I can be contacted at logan9a@yahoo.com or skype (e-mail me first and I’ll get on it).

  2. RE: logan9a

    To be honest, I’ve always tried to make my CoC characters interesting even though I know they are disposable. One of the greatest goals in CoC, for me, is seeing how long I can keep a character alive. Orlen Johnson is still out there with his Tommy Gun somewhere hunting down other PCs. Watch out for him!

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