RPPR Episode 57: Read the Fine Print

Watch Zombies of the World episode 1: Migration and learn how it was made on the ZOTW blog.

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Synopsis: Game balance is a tricky thing. While in some cases, it’s easy to spot an unbalanced system like Palladium or Synnibarr but other times, a game’s imbalances won’t be revealed until you’ve played it for a while. So what do you when you find out that the game you’re playing is unbalanced? We discuss how to deal with these situations. It’s possible to change systems, house rule it so that it’s balanced or use the social contract to keep things fair. Also instead of a letter, Tom talks about having a cyst cut out of him. It’s really gross (NSFW link do not click this)

Shout outs:

  • Linotype: An upcoming documentary about the linotype machine.
  • Tucker and Dale vs Evil: Very funny horror-comedy about college students vs. hapless hillbillies.
  • Rubber: A movie about a psychic killer tire. Why is this great? No reason.
  • Hobo with a Shotgun: Rutger Hauer murders bad guys with a shotgun. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT
  • Mortal Kombat 9: Old school controls with brand new graphics.
  • The Unspeakable Oath: The best Call of Cthulhu magazine in this universe (or any other for that matter)
  • Spirit of Truth/Redemption: A Mass Effect fanfic that Tom really enjoyed.
  • Mafia 2: It’s like a mob movie but you get to shoot the guys.
  • Dread: Unique horror RPG with a unusual conflict resolution mechanic…
  • Magicka Vietnam: wizards with AK-47s mowing down goblin and orc hordes. Fun times.

Music: Our Life Our Rules by Moral Decline

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  1. Every week or so… sssssssuuuuurrrrrrreeeeeeee

  2. Spirit of Redemption and Spirit of Truth…so I went and read those (all of them), and Jesus Christ, are you shitting me? Well written in terms of grammar and dialogue, but all the characters act like they’re in middle school. I took the liberty of running “Dara” through http://www.springhole.net/quizzes/marysue.htm, and wow.

  3. A lot of the characters were in middle school.

  4. I liked the bit about the cyst. Shadow Surgery sounds like a great name for a scenario.

  5. Rubber hits Netflix instant play on 7/1.

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