RPPR Episode 96: Conversion Conversation

News: RPPR is now on Tumblr! Follow us for random stuff! Ross works for Pixelscopic on their new video game, Delver’s Drop. It is also quite awesome. More Base Raiders content is forthcoming, including more actual play episodes, new PDF only supplements, and the final conversion guide. The Wild Talents and Mutants and Masterminds conversion guides are already available.

Synopsis: Sooner or later, every gamer decides to convert some material from one system to another. Why? How does it work? When shouldn’t you convert? We tackle this topic by discussing our past experiences with conversions and our thoughts on the process. No letter this episode, but we do have shout outs and anecdotes!

Shout Outs

  • Papa and Yo: The Saddest Video Game for reals 🙁
  • Magrunner: I got puzzles in your Cthulhu. You got Cthulhu in my puzzles!
  • Skyscraper Simulator: Be a virtual Donald Trump, but actually be competent.
  • Shadow Warrior: One of the best video games of 2013. Fun to play and a great story.
  • Jamestown: War is hell. A bullet hell. Brightly colored bullets. Also, Mars.
  • Accursed RPG: Be a monster who fights other monsters so you can be a human.
  • LOLmythesis: It’s funny because academia is depressing.
  • Shadow Bound: The web series is now complete. Watch it all at once!
  • Red Scare: Snowed in? You might as well watch a show about a vampire in a fallout shelter.
  • Big Picture Mode: This is hella fun.

Song: Mega Man rock cover – Lights Out by Game Over

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  1. Okay, I watched Resolution after finishing this episode and all I can say is: “Existential dread wins?”

  2. Tom! I may or may not have got Euro truck simulator 2, and Farming simulator 2013, but if you were to acquire it, they are quite fun. Farming can get a bit slow, but euro truck is great! I really should buy it.

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