No Soul Left Behind Interview with Caleb, Greg Stolze, and Shane Ivey

nslb-coverNo Soul Left Behind, a full campaign for Better Angels, written by RPPR’s Caleb, is now available for purchase. In this special interview, you can hear how the book came to be, Greg Stolze’s thoughts on it, and a lot more! From hilarious playtesting stories to lessons learned on game design, this discussion covers everything you wanted to know about No Soul Left Behind. Don’t forget to listen to the RPPR Playtest campaign, if you haven’t already.

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  1. YEAH, Gold-to-Sponges all day, every day! Also, dammit, the description of Alchemy does only mention gold, but it doesn’t say -only- gold.

  2. I noticed that the subtitle on the cover for the book is different in this image than on the physical copy I have. Mine says: “10 adventures of supervillains, demons, and education reform”.

  3. Great interview & just really enjoy hearing behind the scenes stuff like this on game/campaign design. Also Greg, Caleb, Ross & Shane is quite an entertaining round table for many topics.

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