Interview with Pierce Fraser on HC SVNT Dracones

141683Only a short time after picking up the game from Drivethru RPG, Tom Church interviews Pierce Fraser, the writer and creator of HC SVNT DRACONES.  Find out all about this unique RPG, as well as the process that went in to making it.  And also get a short glimpse into the 4 part campaign being run for the RPPR crew in this game universe!

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  1. How does this differ from the old RPGs Albedo or Justifiers?

  2. I suppose that depends on how you’re comparing them. It’s a different system with different influences and focuses, so the playstyle is going to be different. The plot is different, so your individual adventures will be different too. The book, franchise and material are new, so they’re still receiving updates and support, which I don’t believe is the case for those previous titles. Having not played either, I can’t attest to what specific aspects are going to be different on a point-by-point basis, but if you consider D&D and Pathfinder to be different, or Traveler and Eclipse Phase to be different, then you can likely put this in the same boat.

  3. I wouldn’t suggest trying to draw a comparison between the differences of D&D and Pathfinder (aka D&D 3.75) and that of Traveler and Eclipse Phase (two systems different in mechanics, theme, subgenre, etc. only really sharing that they are sci-fi).

    On the game itself, it sounds pretty interesting and I’d like to take a look at it sometime, but it sounds like it’s got a highly categorized what-to-roll system which I don’t know how I feel about. We’ll see when the APs come out how it is in play.

  4. In this case the comparison is apt. Traveller and Albedo are both space opera with several colonized star systems and casual travel between them. While the possibility of surgically enhancing your characters is relegated to a side note.

    While in Eclipse Phase and HSD the action is largely restricted to the Sol system, Earth is a hellhole populated by things that would give Lovecraft nightmares, and augmentation is such a major part of the game that your character is very unlikely to finish the campaign with the same genome they started it out with.

  5. “Earth is a hellhole populated by things that would give Lovecraft nightmares”

    Cold breezes, clams, and modern architecture?

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