The Art of the Table: GMing Beyond the Basics at PAX South 2016

IMG_20160129_172624532I recorded some panels while I attended PAX South this year. The first one I recorded goes over some GMing tips and tricks. Have you been running an amazing RPG campaign for years but still have a few problems that keep coming up? Have you always wanted to run a game but felt afraid to get started? The Art of the Table and its fine crew of experienced game masters is here to have a look under the hood of your home game and install whatever’s needed to send your campaign roaring off towards legendary status. Hosted by Danielle Harper [Veteran GM, The Art of the Table], Adam Koebel [Game Designer, Sage Kobold Productions], Randy Scheunemann [Retail Specialist, Steve Jackson Games], Ryan Coogan [Director, Dystopia Rising Lone Star], and Steven Lumpkin [Veteran GM, The Art of the Table].

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  1. Nice panel! Gave me some good advice to GM with and reminded me that I should be more considerant to my GM’s as well.

  2. During the question about the first-time GM running a game for other experienced GMs, and the panelist’s subsequent answer about how the experienced-GM-players should be kind and help the newbie out, all I could think of was: The Haunting.

  3. RPPR helps by being the Goofus so others don’t have to.

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