GDW: The Mixed Six – Episode 1

mixed-six1Welcome! Spencer, Caleb, and Producer Ross are trying something new. On The Mixed Six, we drink six beers and have six conversations. It’s a variety show that slurs its speech, and we’d love to get some feedback on it.

  • Beer 1: Professional Drinking with Mother’s Brewing Company’s Imperial Three Blind Mice. Spence and Caleb talk about how this is all a tax dodge for their alcoholism.
  • Beer 2: Dissecting Our Fun with the Green Flash’s Passionfruit Kicker. We geek out about the game Potion Explosion and the rarity of perfect information games
  • Beer 3: Armchair Director with Deshutes Jubeale. ”Tis the season to argue about our Top 5 Christmas movies
  • Beer 4: Sportsplainer with Mother’s Brewing Company’s Backyard Wheat. Spence educates Caleb and Ross about field goal percentages at Mile High Stadium
  • Beer 5: Binge Binger with Boulevard’s Snow and Tell We lay it all on the line and open up about our guiltiest TV pleasures.
  • Beer 6: Drunk Enough with Sierra Nevada’s Narwhal. As fueling up for just such an occasion, Spence and Caleb discuss if it’s even possible to defeat cognitive dissonance and how it’s done.

Music: Below the fold

  1. I can See it by DarkSunn
  2. Siesta by Jahzzar
  3. Islamatronic Cantillation by The Orientalist
  4. Sorry by Comfort Fit
  5. Autumn Woes by Ryan Little
  6. Ghost Dance by Kevin MacLeod
  7. Power Trip by Ryan Little


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  1. This was meant for me. I’m a beer steward at a beer bar here in Oregon and RPPR has gotten me through many a slow morning. Keep this going and let me send you west coast bottles!

  2. Loving the show guys! Liking the set-up/premise and definitely looking forward to future episodes.

  3. At first I was like “cool concept, this will be fun.”

    Then I sat through the drinking round “mmmm maybe not.”

    But now I’m also at the end, and I’m back into it. I think this show has legs.
    It’s such a mixed bag of topics, I think as long as you keep the variety up it will be a good program going forward.

    Nice work everyone involved.

  4. BTW: having past superhero actors in superman/girl media is a tradition.
    Smallvile has crap tones of it.

  5. As a co-host on a beer and (miniature war) gaming podcast, I have to say that this is a fantastic idea. Let me know if you accept beer donations from listeners. Cheers!

  6. Okay! So possibly my new favorite podcast. Feedback on the episode:

    1. Good segment diversity, good segment lengths.
    2. You deserve sponsorships. You’ve sold me hardcore on Potion Explosion, and on at least three of the beers.
    3. Great move saving the highfalutin’ topics for the end. Profound stuff.
    4. Producer Ross is stepping up his editing game and his musical choices. Bangin’ tunez.
    5. One bit of constructive criticism: don’t much like the title, Mixed Six. Good conceptually, communicates the format, really hard to pronounce. I dunno…maybe Mix-pack?
    6. Bummed that the Boulevard pick didn’t get good marks. As a Boulie fan, I always give ’em my support. Glad to hear that the good ol’ Wheat had a salutary effect on young Mr. Stokes.
    6. Suggestion for a future show: split twelve total beers, pitting similar-style beers head-to-head. For example, Leinenkugel 1888 Bock vs. Shiner Bock. Real-time reviewing.

  7. I do like podcasts where the hosts get increasingly soused as the podcast goes on. It adds interest.

  8. ughhh earlier this year I read a book called Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me) which was basically about how cognitive dissonance is the doom of self-improvement and now I see almost all human interaction through that frame and it’s wretched, it’s the worst, it shouldn’t oughta be the way it is. I’m genuinely afraid that given the choice between confronting dissonance and just dying many people will choose the latter. everybody goes sooner or later, but not everyone’s dishonored along the way.

  9. This is great. I laughed a lot and learned a lot. You guys work well together and I can’t wait for more episodes.

  10. Good show. Area you really going to do this every week? SHIT, think about your liver man. Less is more here. But it’s not like I’m not going to listen.

    In the last section Caleb gave me a culture shock about “the evil of book learning” environment he deals with in his work. I fully understand now that I do not live anywhere close to you guys. I may understand the language you use and most of the time it sounds like we live in the same culture zone. And then I hear that and I go. “No they actually live 3500 miles away, on a different continent”. It’s a strange feeling.

  11. This is a delite. Caleb’s deadpan and the structure is tops.

  12. One more thing:

    7. Gin is great, you are wrong.

  13. I enjoyed this a lot! I like the short segments, it reminds me of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.

    – Hearing about the different beers is a treat as a beer fan. As a framing device, it’s fun. I don’t think Mother’s distributes as far as Illinois, which is unfortunate because you make it sound great.
    – Potion Explosion sounded like tremendous fun and I’ll probably pick it up as a Christmas present for a friend.
    – I definitely understand where Caleb is coming from when it comes to Jungle All the Way and using movies as weapons.
    – I found “Producer Ross” as a title inexplicably amusing.
    – Learning more about sports in bite-sized pieces was more interesting than I expected.
    – I have been there with True Blood. I don’t know what it is about that show! Even after I stopped for fairy related reasons, I wanted to hear what ridiculous things happened from my friends who watched the rest.
    – I really liked the progression from lighter topics to the more serious stuff at the end; it feels like a night of drinking with my friends.

    Overall: very strong start, great variety of topics, looking forward to future episodes.

  14. yup, this is great!

  15. Two things I forgot:

    – I agree with Ethan C., Producer Ross did awesome with the music on this one.
    – I would like to see a “cheap beer special” episode in the future. Maybe Ross pours all the beers so it’s a blind taste test?

  16. “You fuck with the House of El, you fuck with me.” 10/10

  17. I loved it. I have listen to almost all RPPR podcasts, after hours and acutal plays and this is probably my favorite thing you have ever done! Loved it!

  18. I regularly listen to Patrick Rothfusses Unintended Consequences (watever its called). And man, I liked this. I liked that it was a mix of topics, that it stretched in different directions.

    I already listen to almost everything the day its out, and I’d happily do it for this one too.

  19. Greatly enjoyed this. Y’all already sold us on Potion Explosion. I’m not a beer drinker or sports fan and totally enjoyed listening to Caleb and Spencer talk about both topics.

  20. I’m a fan. I originally came to RPPR for the actual plays, then started branching into the main podcast. This is the natural extension of the things I like the most about the non-play casts, listening to your informed rambling. I learned some things, I was entertained, I liked it.

  21. There weren’t any death traps. But Caleb always brings death traps….. I crawl on my hands and knees and look for death traps everywhere in the podcast.

  22. This was better than I expected. You guys should really watch Rare Exports – or maybe you have and think it is terrible, which is fair.

  23. As a limey I learned everything about your misleadingly named football from Scott Sigler’s Audiobooks about space football.

    I feel like we’re getting to know another side to Ross and Caleb which is nice making this a welcome addition to the RPPR Hydra.

    Also: Welcoem to the team Spencer.

  24. I love it. Also having someone to chime in with facts was great, I was disturbing coworkers with comments about “betas! the fighting fish are betas!”

    I would patron this project on patreon.

  25. Great Podcast! it might be the fact that i was raised by a schoolteacher but i enjoy learning, and “Weird” i love anytime Caleb comes on a podcast and dishes out learning…now i get it from two people on one podcast

  26. Shut the podcast off at Jingle All the Way. My respect for you Mr Caleb took a serious serious hit. :p

    Having said that, Caleb and Spencer’s discussion of Potion Explosion was really quite interesting. I have a recommendation for anyone looking for a tactical game where the player has perfect or near perfect knowledge. The turn-based stealth cyberpunk-heist videogame “Invisible Inc” was designed to be exactly that.

    During a player turn, nothing goes on except what you put into it. Just sitting at the computer calculating the angles for theft and evasion, has been a more pulse pounding experience than most first person twitchy shooter games.

  27. No Gremlins on the top 5 Christmas movies list!? What the fuck! You’re dead to me Stokes.

    Seriously though good podcast, I’m keen for episode 2.

  28. I loved this. It was snappy, the banter was great and it was hilarious how Ross was only referred to as Producer Ross. Can’t wait for more.

  29. This was great!

  30. Great First Episode! Even if I usually don’t like being around drunk people, you guys managed to still be great listening to.

  31. I really enjoyed this, particularly since I just had a Passion Fruit Kicker for the first time last week! And normally being a stout drinker (all my life, never felt the IPA love) but also a lover of passion fruit, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.

  32. RPPR:
    Come for the actual plays, stay for the drunken ramblings.

  33. Nice new addition to the RPPR portfolio; very reminiscent of Ken & Robin TAS, but in a good way. Take care not to ruin your livers!

  34. My feedback is this…Why the heck didn’t we do one of these when I lived in Springfield? Next time I’m in town (which I hope is sooner rather than later), I want in on one of these 🙂

  35. I’m definitely going to try a bunch of the stuff mentioned on this as I’m quite a fan of darker beers & harder stuff. I’m enjoying this podcast from the start & should be fun to see what drinks plus everything else that pops up in this & the future episodes.

    I don’t have a much of perfect information board games so here’s some imperfect ones, as I fill the void of not having a RPG game group with hobby board games here are some favorites here to look into if you haven’t already: Five Tribes (mancala with things changing each turn plus djinn & mythic Arabian setting), Lords of Waterdeep (overlording over D&D world with a strategy game, also Tyrants of the Underdark too with deckbuilding & a board of area control), Orleans (building your followers in a bag while trading/tasking in France), Arkham Horror Card Game (a spotlight into the Arkham Horror line of games but more story & madness) and lastly Red Dragon Inn (after you conquer the dungeon in fantasy land, your adventuring party sits down for drinks & gambling in this card game where you want to outlast the others).

    Few recommendations from here – rum is hit or miss but if mixing with soda or other things rum is better than the others (tequila or vodka), the middle dark rums like the Captain Morgan reserve are not bad. Also for free fun online was Rum University, I found someone keeping up with the free PDFs. Even if you don’t care for drinking rum all that much it goes into the history & facts on a variety of things rum related, each PDF isn’t that long to skim & take what you like and maybe try with other brewcraftery.

    Bourbons – getting a bunch of the ones to try out from the Cromcast (podcast of Robert E. Howard’s work & lots of weird fiction) who are all from that region so they enjoy a variety of drinks from that area beer & bourbon alike. Enjoying Evan Williams here as anew find & also loving the way that Eagle Rare turns out, though Eagle Rare is still the favorite here (as made more like a scotch but bourbon ingredients). Still not a fan of the Jim Beam Apple after many tries, will stick to hard ciders instead.

    Holiday movie favorites not listed Hogfather (Terry Pratchett’s fantasy world celebrating the winter holidays & the grim reaper is always entertaining). Fun holiday themed ones I’ll watch as not many horror themes in holidays: Gremlins, Jack Frost (killer snowman) or Krampus. Depends a lot on how much I want colder weather or just swearing at it constantly.

    Hopefully less verbose next time, keep up the great work everyone at the Mixed Six! I know a few people who will enjoy this kind of mixed discussion & now curious to hear their thoughts on the show after they listen.

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