The Hangar section of Boiling Point. The floating submarine is an aftermarket addition.News: We’re over halfway there in the Boiling Point Kickstarter, so help us push it over the edge!

Synopsis: History is a rich tapestry waiting to be explored, but how should you implement historical events into games? Tom and I have some experience with this, so we talk about how to prepare for historical games and what kind of history works best. Even if you’re a player, this can help with your experiences enjoying this type of game. Tom also has a letter, plus we have shout and anecdotes.

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News:Our newest Kickstarter is up. Boiling Point is an adventure for Base Raiders. It mixes investigation with dungeon crawling for a perfect blend of excitement and fun. If it does well, we’ll have Caleb write about death traps. Check it out!

Synopsis: Planning is a part of playing RPGs, not just for the GM, but for the players too. But the players usually must plan during the game and sometimes planning becomes dithering. Dithering leads to wasted time, which leads to the game falling apart. Tom and I discuss how to move players along when they plan, how much help GMs should offer, and our experiences as players. Plus, Tom has a letter, not to mention shout outs and anecdotes.

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tumblr_n3yay9gDq01t77uevo7_1280News: Check out the Devotees, a new Eclipse Phase adventure written by Caleb Stokes! The first part of the actual play is up. We also have a new digital audio recorder for the APs, a Zoom H2N. Higher quality APs for everyone!  Also, I’m working on a new horror RPG called Ruin. BTW, have you checked out the video game I’m working on, Delver’s Drop?

Synopsis: During the last weekend, Tom and I got to play 2 games with some new players, including a 6 player Call of Cthulhu game. For this episode, we talk about our experiences playing with new players, especially in a large group. Tom also has a letter about his recent trip to New York, plus shout outs and anecdotes!

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