this is how my players react when I am not immersing themImmersion is a tricky element of tabletop RPGs. In order to achieve it, a GM must first design a good scenario. In this episode, Tom, special guest Caleb and I discuss how we design adventures and other related topics. The effects of a game system on immersion and how to deal with players that lose immersion in a game. Tom also has a letter and of course shout outs and anecdotes.

Shout outs

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Song: Immersed by Allison Crowe

Halloween is right around the corner so we are once again talking about running terrifying games. RPGs can’t really provide shocks like film or TV, but it’s still possible to run a truly scary game by keeping a few principles in mind. Specifically, a GM should focus on presenting ambigious information, giving players some but not total control and characterizing NPCs and monsters well. Tom finally has a letter and some shout outs and a reader letter.

Shout outs:

  • Night of the Hunter: A brilliant and terrifying film blending film noir and fairy tales. Robert Mitchum’s preacher is legendary as the villain.
  • Virus: A 1980 Japanese post apocalyptic sci-fi film. Sonny Chiba’s in it! Hard to find though.
  • Four Dragons: A new Stargate novel written by Diana Botsford.
  • Smother Brothers’ Comedy Hour: Comedy in an era of censorship. Funny stuff.
  • Salvage: A British horror film with great acting and very gameable material.
  • Ghost Stories: a horror-comedy anime series.

Music: Danse Macabre by David Kempers