patreonPatreon is a popular crowdfunding website that allows creators to earn money from their supporters and fans on a regular cycle. This gives creators new opportunities and new challenges. Ross Payton from Role Playing Public Radio, Faust Kells from The Third Wheel, and Matt Campen from the Drunk and Ugly podcast all have experience using Patreon discuss it at Gen Con. Be sure to check out our websites to learn more: Role Playing Public Radio, The Third Wheel  and the Drunk and Ugly.

tabletoptales-logo-mediumNews: A new companion website for our Patreon, RPPR After Hours, is now live. Find all the podcasts and other content without digging through the Patreon archives. Speaking of the Patreon, we have a new milestone: a new weekly podcast featuring campaign actual play. If we get to $1800 a month, RPPR Tabletop Tales will become a weekly free podcast for everyone!

Synopsis: Caleb, Dan, and I discuss scenario design as we workshop a scenario idea I developed after running a few different games for both the RPPR group and the Patreon. We focus on player engagement – the idea that the players have as much agency as possible in the game. We want to avoid ‘cut scenes’ and railroading, among other problems. Plus, there are shout outs and anecdotes.

Shout Outs

  • Delta Green: Need to Know – a free quick start PDF rulebook.
  • Layers of Fear: An architecturally-themed horror video game. Beautiful and scary.
  • Lisa: An indie video game RPG inspired by Earthbound.
  • Populuxe: A history of the unique 1950s style we associate with the Fallout video game series.
  • Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits: A sci-fi novel from the writer of John Dies at the End.
  • Knee Deep: an adventure game about a murder mystery in Florida. Looks quite cool!
  • Gurgamoth: A couch co-op game about various deities trying to kill each other.

Song: Imperial Thought by aliceffekt

Ken Meyer - Dirty Secrets of the Black HandTo celebrate our first year of the RPPR Patreon, we have created new milestones so we can create more podcasts for you! After Hours has proven to be a hit with our Patreon backers and there’s a lot of interest in the Old World of Darkness, so I merged the two to create WoD The Heck.It’s a humorous look at the oWoD, by a mix of veterans and newbies. This episode is a free preview of the podcast. If you like it, please consider backing the RPPR Patreon. If we reach the $1,600 milestone, we will make this a monthly podcast for all backers!

In this episode, Shaun and I, along with Faust from the Third Wheel look at one of the most hated books in the entire oWoD – The Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand. This book broke all the rules: blatant crossovers from multiple gamelines, unabashed powergaming, and worst of all, it made the kewlest, most munchkin discipline, Vicissitude, into a bad thing. Truly, unforgivable crimes.

Song: Marketplace by Chinese Hackers.