Perhaps the oldest form of communication on the Internet, flame wars are an integral part of the great conversation. We’ve reenacted a particularly common flame war archetype, gamers bitching about what era of Call of Cthulhu is best and furries.

Performed by the RPPR staff

Nothing Can Stop Torg (4:00)

Directed and animated by Ross Payton
Music by The Laziest Men on Mars

We here at RPPR strive to bring the greatest in art so we proudly present this film. Robots, especially the mighty Torg, cannot be stopped. Fear their metallic arms and laser eyes. This is a short film created back in 2001 as a student project. It was accepted in the Bearded Child Film Festival and the European Underground film festival.

Written by Ross Payton
Mixed by Chris Farmer

Even a world of high fantasy and adventure needs the law. When the law is broken, only a band of brave orcish detectives and the guild of prosecuting attorneys can make things right. However, can they solve the murder of an adult red dragon by an illegally enchanted dragonbane sword? Find out in Law and Orcdom.