Game Designer Workshop: Termination Shock and Crowdfunding with Greg Stolze

I talked with Greg Stolze, author of Reign, Termination Shock, co-author of Unknown Armies, and writer on many other books (and my co-host on Ludonarrative Dissidents podcast) about his new Kickstarter for Ships, a supplement for Termination Shock. We talked about the core mechanics for Termination Shock, game design, and crowd funding RPGs.

Back Ships: How to Build and Blast Them on Kickstarter now! Greg has his own Termination Shock actual play podcast, if you want to hear how the game plays.

I’ll be recording RPPR After Hours with Greg for the RPPR Patreon soon.

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  1. FYI on the Car Wars turning key that Greg mentioned:

    Couldn’t find any good video* of them being used in a game, but here’s what a classic Car Wars turning key looks like: and here’s a poor photo of pages from a Car Wars rulebook showing how they were used to perform maneuvers:

    Note that the new 6th edition of Car Wars doesn’t use the same turning keys, but the SJG youtube channel has some quite accessible “how to play” videos that are easy to find.

    The few classic car wars youtube videos I found had rather poor production values.

  2. And another FYI, about “BattleTech: is it a wargame or a roleplaying game?”:

    BattleTech is a wargame: it’s played with counters or miniatures on a hex map. BattleMech pilots and vehicle crews have two skills: piloting & gunnery and that’s the only way they interact with the universe.

    MechWarrior* is the BattleTech RPG: characters have more skills and other ways of interacting with the universe other than piloting BattleMechs. I think there were rules for porting your MechWarrior characters into BattleTech, if you wanted to see them turned into a pink mist by a lucky headshot from a gauss rifle. The latest edition is called Mechwarrior: Destiny.

    *this is also the in-universe title for BattleMech pilots; also the name of a series of BattleMech simulator PC games; and the name of the now defunct clix game from WizKids

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