D20 Swinginess and Combat – Episode 198

Many RPGs use d20s for resolving combat, like D&D, 13th Age, and Lancer. Caleb and I have been playing a lot of d20 games recently and we wanted to talk about the nature of d20 combat. It’s a very swingy system, where every combatant can miss in a single round, resulting in nothing happening. Can this problem be fixed?

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Caleb is running a Red Markets 2E playtest campaign. Go to Hebanon Games to listen and access the beta draft rules. Caleb’s also running a bunch of Delta Green on Dead Channels.

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  1. So it’s been almost three weeks since this episode dropped, but I do have a question:

    In the Lancer AP that Caleb ran, he seemed pretty enthusiastic about the game and cast Lancer’s lack of weapon descriptions as a benefit, rather than a detriment. But now he seems to hate that aspect of Lancer as much as he hated it in D&D 4e. What has changed to change his attitude? I’m not completely versed on Lancer, but I don’t think it’s anything about the game that’s changed.

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