The Mixed Six – Back at it Again

We’re back for another episode! I found a bottle of Blanton’s bourbon and to celebrate my discovery, we recorded a new episode. Spencer even has a new food rating system!

Back The Night Clerk zine! A modern horror RPG scenario from Ross Payton!

We’re talking about a wide range of topics – check it out:

Beer: Prairie Artisan Ale Stuf’t (2)

Segment: Dissecting Our Fun (4)

Sub-Topic: Ark Nova is…big…and good

Beer: Brasserie Dunham Farbenku  gel

Segment: Binge Binger

Sub-Topic: What’s been your most recent binge addiction?

Beer: Second Shift Brewing Spiritual Delight (4)

Segment: Ready Player Drunk

Sub-Topic: Tears of the Kingdom GOTY?

Beer: El Segundo Brewing Steve Austin’s Broken Skull IPA (3)

Segment: Sportsplainer

Sub-Topic: There’s an incredibly deadly motorcycle race called the Isle of Man TT. Over a century old and over 260 people have been killed – not just racers but spectators as well. Where’s the line in allowing sports like this to continue?

Beer: Tighthead Brewery Chilly Water IPA (2)

Segment: Mixed Six Mock Draft

Sub-Topic: Republican primary candidates and cars from the wacky racer genre (wacky racers, rat race, Mario cart; twisted metal, death race, etc)

Beer: Prairie Artisan Ales Tiny Esses (1)

Segment: Drunk Enough

Sub-Topic: So what’s it been like to not monetize your drinking for the last year?

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  1. A year sure goes by fast (+ some months before checking in again here). Was nice hearing from Spencer again! Do this again, someday. You clearly want to!

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