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RPPR Episode 178: Heists 101

News: My book Zombies of the World is out! Buy it today! Don’t forget to check out Night Clerk Radio as well.

Synopsis: We are preparing for a Blades in the Dark campaign, so Caleb, Birk, and I talk about planning heists as players. Heists are harder for some players to comprehend because force isn’t always an option. Discretion and cunning are harder to learn than murderhoboery, but hopefully this will help!

Shout Outs

  • Sun Down Motel: A novel about a haunted motel and two women who investigate it
  • Sentient: a comic about a generation ship, its AI, and the children it raises
  • End of Policing: a nonfiction book about changing how we think about the police and the legal system
  • Midnight Ultra: a psychedelic FPS about killing cultists and monsters in acid Quake graphics
  • The Shallows: a book about how the Internet is changing us.
  • Floor is Lava: A silly obstacle course show on Netflix

Song: Apropos by Mittsies


RPPR Episode 177: Savage Worlds

News: Zombies of the World is being reprinted in hardcover! Get a copy today! Also, check the BPB Twitter for our Savage Tokusatsu livestream dates. It’s now Sunday May 31 at 6 pm CST (it was moved after we recorded this episode).

Synopsis: Savage Worlds is a popular RPG system and it’s easy to see why. Low price, lots of settings and quick to play. Kyle Carty of Best Pal Brigade and I talk about the system and its strengths and weaknesses.

Shout Outs

Promo: Thinking Too Hard About Anime podcast

RPPR Episode 176: Running and Playing Online Games

News: Night Clerk Radio is now available! Birk and I have created a new music review podcast focusing on vaporwave, dark ambient, and other haunted genres of music. Listen today on your podcasting app of choice or on Youtube.

Synopsis: Running and playing tabletop games online has become extremely popular lately so Birk, Kyle (from Best Pal Brigade featured in our episode art) and I discuss our experiences. There are many platforms to play games but choosing one is not the only challenge. Learning the differences between online and IRL games is essential to having a great time.

Promo: Thinking Too Hard About Anime, a new podcast from friends of RPPR!

Shout Outs

Song: Miles to Midnight. Listen to our review of the album on Night Clerk Radio.