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RPPR Episode 37: Set the Pace

Pacing is vital to form of storytelling, yet it seems to be overlooked in role playing games. After running a dozen games at Gencon and Dragoncon this year, I realized how important a proper pace is for a RPG. Tom and I discuss the importance of pacing, how to improve pacing in a game and what kind of mistakes a GM should avoid when running a game. Plus, a new letter from Tom, anecdotes and a favorite forum thread.

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Please note that the Goblin Hulk is being delayed but it will come out. Check out a preview of the cover in this RPPR forums thread. Also check out the best question ever asked in our forums.


  • Alpha-Omega: The Encountered – crazy post-apocalyptic monsters. Great art and plenty of adventure fodder for sci-fi and horror games.
  • The Devil’s Tomb: a bad horror movie, a shameful path. Also: Henry Rollins.
  • Kerberos Club and This Favored Land – Awesome historical superhero campaign settings for Wild Talents but enough material for use with any superhero games.
  • Dead Man’s Shoes: UK thriller about a former SAS soldier terrorizing small town drug dealers. Fairly grim.
  • Shark Tank: A reality TV show about haggling and bargaining. Watch it to better roleplay your next negotiation scene.
  • Hoarders: This is the true face of insanity. Tragic, creepy and horrifying

Music: War Against the Robots by Ben Base.

Dragoncon 2009 Pics

I went to Dragoncon this year and had just enough free time to wander around and take some pics of the thousands of cosplayers. I only had a cheap point and shoot but I did what I could.

[singlepic id=18 w=320 h=240 float=]

The entire gallery is below the fold. Enjoy!