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RPPR Episode 113: Van Art Gaming

News: I will be attending ComicPalooza this year, sharing a table with Diana Botsford. I’ll be running some demos of Base Raiders as well – stay tuned for details. Firewall, the newest Eclipse Phase book is out and Caleb and I both wrote for it. We also have more Raillery videos, like Bodyball and more Darkest Dungeon goodness!

Synopsis: Tom, Caleb, and I first discuss the recent political controversy over the Indiana RFRA law and how it connects to Gen Con. After getting politics out of the way, we move on to old school gaming – in particular the style of dungeon crawling RPGs that first appeared in the 1970s. Back in the first days of gaming, there were few conventions in what a RPG should and should not be. We talk about what we like and dislike about the old school. Plus there’s a letter from Tom, shout outs, and anecdotes!

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Song: Deeper Dungeons by The Swill

RPPR Episode 60: It’s not a cliche!

News: Vote for Monsters and Other Childish Things: Road Trip (Cubicle 7/Arc Dream Publishing) in the best adventure category. Be sure to vote it as #1!

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Synopsis: THIS IS A NSFW EPISODE. Tom remembered a horribly boring dungeon crawl campaign he suffered from in his youth. He wanted to take the cliches he saw in that game and make them actually fun. So, we discuss how to take cliches like traps, prisoners and treasure in dungeons and make them new and exciting. Also, because we are horrible, horrible monsters we read another excerpt from the rpg.net FATAL review. Also, Tom was too busy to write a letter. Be sure to let him know that you like his letters. Maybe he’ll grace us with a letter again. Maybe.

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Song: Good Days and Cliches by Nevernoodz