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Please Don’t Punch the GM: Adventures in Gaming Therapy at PAX South 2016

wheelhouseGames like Dungeons and Dragons are often regarded by pop culture as nerdy and antisocial, but Wheelhouse Workshop founders Adam Davis and Adam Johns use them to help their neurodiverse teen clients become more confident and socially capable. Come hear how these lifelong gamers used their training in counseling, drama therapy, and human development to embark on a new frontier in therapy, ask questions about your own gaming experience, and celebrate how the games we love are more than just games. This panel was recorded at PAX South 2016.

Panel Education & Games: With, In, & How To at Gen Con 2015

Social-Cover-Photo-G+What advice can educators provide for teaching game rules to players? How about using games to enhance education? And what about the portrayal of education in games? This panel covers it all and more. Caleb Stokes is an educator and RPG writer. He frequently uses games in the classroom for a variety of purposes, and he recently worked with Arc Dream to publish No Soul Left Behind, a campaign book for the game Better Angels set in a charter high school. Ross Payton has written extensively for Monsters and Other Childish Things, and he’s been teaching rules to players for twenty years. Steve Radabaugh is a high school teacher and creator of app games like Dungeon Marauders and the upcoming dice game Fey Ball. Dan from RPPR was also a panelist.

RPPR Episode 103: School of Dice

News:Gencon approaches! Check the RPPR thread for more info. Also, support Caleb with the No Soul Left Behind Kickstarter! It has what gamers crave! And speaking of Kickstarters, The Horrors of War Kickstarter is pretty awesome too!

Synopsis: Training, learning, and education are important topics in games but we seldom examine the assumptions made in games. The gaming trope of leveling up (I learned a new language after I killed enough orcs!) is a poor model to represent learning but what should good experience/leveling up rules look like? Aside from educational rules in games, we also discuss academic themes for adventure ideas and using a game to teach it to other people.No letter from Tom, but we do have shout outs and an anecdote.

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Music: Selected pieces from Computer Death by Infinite Frequencies. Check out more Vaporwave if you want to hear elevator music from Carcosa.