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RPPR Episode 18: 4E Dungeons and Dragons Rundown

We’ve finally gotten around to looking at the monster RPG of the summer, the fourth edition of Dungeons and Dragons.  We cover the good, the bad and the ugly of the system. Special thanks to the Bear Swarm podcast for joining in on our first game of 4E. We also talk about Gencon, scuba diving and of course, a very entertaining letter from Tom.

Song: Journey by Excellent Adventure

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Interview with Adrian Pommier of Goodman Games

Every year, hundreds of adventurers die horrible deaths, all competing for treasure, glory and points to move on to the next round. This isn’t a weird reality TV series, it’s the DCC tourney at Gencon.   Adrian Pommier is the man in charge of this year’s Dungeon Crawl Classic Tournament. He’s also the co-author of the mega module Castle Whiterock and several other dungeon crawls. In this interview, we talk about how the DCC module is designed, the creation of Castle Whiterock and Palace of the Wastes, (stories from the module are here) what the dungeon crawl really is and the differences between 3E and 4E.