RPPR Interview with Tarn Adams, Creator of Dwarf Fortress

Tarn Adams
Interviewer: Ross Payton

Synopsis: Dwarf Fortress is a one of a kind computer game. Part roguelike, part RTS, part fantasy world simulator, this game has to be played to be believed. With no graphics (everything is represented by ASCII symbols), the player is charged with building a mighty fortress with only seven dwarves and a wagon load of supplies. Murderous monsters and animals, temperamental workers and countless other challenges stand in your way. And you will lose. But that’s okay, because losing is fun.  I talk with DF’s programmer and creator, Tarn Adams about his experience with role playing games, game design philosophy, beards on dwarves and other pertinent topics.

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  1. I liked your freeform, uncensored style. The discussion was very interesting and I think the questions were very well targeted and very on key. Tarn really got to talk about DF in a very detailed way this time, most likely because of your good research beforehand. Thank you for doing this interview!

  2. Great interview, great questions, great game. I’m looking forward to your next session with Mr. Adams already! To (further) second what Buri already noted, I appreciate that you were informed about the game and asked appropriate questions rather than the “stock interview” interrogation I’m used to listening to at other places. Thanks for doing this!

  3. Awesome interview, It’s good to know who the wizard of oz really is behind the screen. It’d great to hear another one later on.

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