RPPR Episode 15: Let’s Split Up Gang!

Just like the Scooby Doo gang, players tend to split up during a game and ike it or not and unless you know what to do, your game can suffer. Most players get bored when they have nothing to do, a divided game can mean the end of your campaign. We discuss how to deal with a split game and keep everything running smooth. There’s also a letter from Tom and of course, shout outs.

Cave Story: A freeware side scrolling adventure PC game that is a blast to play.

Shadowcaster: An old school PC RPG that has something to do with casting shadows. Which is dumb, because everyone casts a shadow. But, whatever.

Music: Scooby Doo by Baron Von Lichtenstein.

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  1. If we donate, can we get more Ab3 rants? I’ve listened and shared the ones you have like a hundred times. After listening to them, reading them just….not as funny.

  2. Author

    But of course. Donate what you can and I can edit an Ab3 rant I’ve had recorded for a while but never got around to finishing.

  3. Tom, since you’re a Mutants & Masterminds fan, why not look into interviewing Steve Kenson? He’s done podcasts before and is an interesting guy to talk with.

  4. I think one of the BEST Storytellers I know used to take us all off at the beginning of the game for about 15 minutes to a half hour and let us do individual stuff. Though most of us used to sit and socialize while gaming, and it always worked pretty well. I don’t know. I’m one of those people where sitting for a while doesn’t bother me. I will usually make side stuff for myself to do (especially in LARP) and other players that we dont’ need the ST for, so I don’t know.

    Though what I HATE is when there is a combat and non combat character players are not allowed to sicalize, tehy have to sit there in SILENCE. I know of one LARP company that DEMANDS this, or penalizes the players. You can’t even have OOC conversations unrealted tot he game.

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